Wireless connection cutting out

  SimpleStevie 10:51 21 Aug 2006

Hey guys, wondering if all you helpful people out there might be able to help me out. Please forgive the long winded explanation!

I have recently moved back home after being at Uni for 3 years, where I had a wired connection to the internet via a network cable, all good so far.

Back at home we have a wireless network with BT broadband. I have had a Belkin wireless card in my PC for a few years but have never used it until now when I need to, this is where the problems start.

I have configured my PC to automatically to connect to the network when it switches on, which it does sucessfully when I boot up my PC, I am able to access the internet perfectly, but after a while, and this seems to be a random length of time, the connection will drop. My PC then tries to reconnect to the network, and it never gets assigned a new IP address by the router, so I get the liimited connectivity sign. The PC still sees the network and the connection is still working ok, the time connected goes up etc, I just cant get to access the internet.

The only way I can resolve this is to reboot the PC, then I can access the net but then it will drop again.

Has anyone got any ideas what the problem is here? Is it a problem with my wireless card or is it a problem with the router not assigning my PC an IP address? All the other PC's on the network seem to work without problems, indicating to me that it might be my PC that has the problem.


  laurie53 12:19 21 Aug 2006

Yeah Stevie, I've had the same problem. Can't cure it, but my workaround is changing the USB connection for the wireless adapter. I know it sounds daft, but it works (the USB hub is also Belkin).

Simply unplug the adapter (if you're using one) and plug it into an unused used USB port.

It works for up to several weeks, then you have to repeat the process, and it doesn't matter if you go back to the original connection


  SimpleStevie 13:16 21 Aug 2006

Thanks Larie,
Unfortunately Im not using a USB wireless adaptor, I have an internal wireless card plugged into a slot on my motherboard, so its not really feasible to change around the slot its in.

There has to be a reason for this problem and a way to fix it once and for all without having to reboot the PC, really starting to get on my nerves!!

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