Wireless connection cannt renew ip addy :S

  ChrisBDuck 20:11 09 Jun 2008

Basically I recently gaind a laptop from my grandparents and tried to connect it to our wireless internet router.

It worked for about a day but then displayed the "limited or no connectivity" icon in the taskbar and none of my browsers worked (firefox, IE 7 and bt yahoo browser)

My grandparents didnt use the internet at all on the laptop so the settings are at their defaults

I also have a BT homehub if this helps at all

o and when i tried to change the IP address from automatic to static, it got rid of the limited or no connectivity problem but still nothing worked :/


  brundle 20:15 09 Jun 2008

click here for all sorts of info and guidance on the Homehub.
Are you absolutely sure you were connected to your hub for the initial period, not connected to an unsecured local network which was then passworded...

  ChrisBDuck 20:16 09 Jun 2008

was deffo the home hub.

i remember cause our neighbour also has a home hub and i had to go and check which one i was connecting to

  brundle 20:19 09 Jun 2008

Set your IP address back to auto - the reason the message doesn't come up when you set it to Static is that it's not actively seeking a connection (assumes you have entered your own required parameters), so doesn't inform you there isn't one.

  ChrisBDuck 20:33 09 Jun 2008

ok thanks :)
im just working through the wireless configuration on the wqebsite u linked me to so shall leave a comment when thats doen if it works (or not)

  ChrisBDuck 20:47 09 Jun 2008

sadly no luck with the instructions on the website :(

  ChrisBDuck 20:50 09 Jun 2008

oh by the way, my xbox 360 and my dads desktop bouth connect fine through ethanet connections and my desktop is connected wirelessly using a netgear usb wireless adapter

dont know if thats relevant but thourght Id mention it anyways

also i tried the usb adapter in the laptop but to on sucecss :(

  ChrisBDuck 21:01 09 Jun 2008

oh finally, the same thing occours when i try to connect it via ethanet :/

  brundle 22:07 09 Jun 2008

No good via ethernet either, most odd.

XP or Vista?

Assuming the Homehub is working normally as the other machines connect ok, it's down to security in the hub which is usually bypassed by connecting with a cable, or a configuration setting on the laptop.

Any antivirus/firewall on the laptop? Any recent software installations? Can you connect (very briefly for test purposes) to any local unsecured networks? Have you tried system restore to see if it will reconnect with the Homehub? Check the DHCP /Internal LAN settings of the hub, make sure it has a large enough range to support every machine (ie if its set to it will only handle 3 connected devices at once) - were all the other devices powered up and using the net when the laptop was connecting OK? Refer to the "Can't Connect Via Hub" section on the website.

  ChrisBDuck 22:12 09 Jun 2008

Tis XP

I do have norton antivirus installed on the laptop but dissableing the firewall on this seemed to have no effect (none of the other firewalls on the computer are active) I tried conencting to one of the neighbours unsecured netgear router but this produced the same result. I will have to wait till tomorow to check the IP range on the router as the software for my desktops usb adapter prefents me from checking it from here so i shall see if that works tomorow

thank you for your help so far :)

  ChrisBDuck 22:32 10 Jun 2008

I checked the range in the IP pool of the router and it was - so deffinatly not that. Whe it worked I had rjust fixed it from a different fault so Im guesing that as it was its first time online it didnt need to renew its IP address, but the next day was unable to when it was required (dont suppose if that makes any sence?) When it was working at first it was the only machiene on the hub running and have tried it with all sort of different aranements to no avail :(

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