Wireless connection between 2 x PCs: email problem

  CPI 21:16 27 May 2003

I have 2 x 3 mth old 2.4Ghz PCs running Windows XP Home and Outlook Express. My main PC is connected to BT Broadband with Linksys Wireless USB Network Adaptors WUSB11 v2.6 used to share Broadband with my wife's PC. O/Express (on my PC) is configured for my email addresses and OE on my wife's PC for her email addresses. PROBLEM is that 10-15% of all emails addressed to me randomly are received on her PC. My ISP (BT) have refused to help even though it only happens with their BTInternet / BTBroadband emails; they states its a software issue. CAN ANYONE HELP ME?

  Forum Editor 23:01 27 May 2003

you'll need to clear up something for me.

You say that your computer is "....configured for my email addresses and OE on my wife's PC for her email addresses". I'm not quite clear about what you mean by that.

If you have an ADSL connection via BT in your name you'll have a POP3 mail box, and that will be in your name too. Email addressed to: [email protected] will be collected by your copy of Outlook Express whenever you do a send and receive on your machine.

It sounds as if you're saying that your wife has a completely separate POP3 mailbox on the mail.btinternet.com server, and that she's randomly getting some of your mail in her inbox in error - is that a correct assessment of what's happening?

If it is, it's strange, and very unusual. Email addresses are unique, and for one person to receive another's mail is a rare (but not unheard of) occurrence.

  Forum Editor 23:47 27 May 2003

"Pardon my lack of technical knowledge - let me explain - The broadband account is set up in my name ONLY. I have set up my email address ([email protected])and loaded it (imported it?) into the version of Outlook Express loaded on my PC (which is directly connected to the Broadband modem). I have set up a 2nd email address for my wife (her [email protected])and loaded it (imported it?) into the version of Outlook Express loaded on her PC. I hope this helps."

It does help I think.

It sounds as if you have created an email address for your wife based on your account, and you should check to ensure that on her machine you have entered the correct details in the mail account settings in Outlook Express. Go to tools/accounts and select the 'Mail' tab. Then select the account for your wife's mailbox and click on 'properties' on the right.

Select the 'servers' tab and check that the incoming (POP3) server details are entered as: mail.btinternet.com and that your wife's full email address is entered in the account name box. Check that her password is entered correctly.

Now do the same thing on your machine.

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