Wireless Connection advice

  RickyBlade1 20:35 07 Jul 2003

Hi all,
I currently share my NTL broad band connection by using a crossover cable between my laptop and my desktop. Now my laptop already has a in built wifi adaptor card(802.11b) what else do i need for my desktop computer to allow me to establish a wireless connection. the cheaper the better
Thanks in advance

  Lozzy 20:58 07 Jul 2003

If your going to just have and only have one PC and one laptop then all you need is a 54G wireless card for your PC. Then your laptop will connect auto to the PC wireless.

Now you will not get a great distance before loosing the connection you are best getting a 54G 802.11b router which your BB will connect too and a straight RJ45 cable to your PC then will get at least 300 feet before loss of connection.

re cost it varies so shop around..

  RickyBlade 21:05 07 Jul 2003

Thanks Lozzy

My Desktop is in the dining room and i want to use my laptop all round house and in garden so i think that i will need the router

Any suggestions on perferred sites to buy the router????



  Lozzy 21:12 07 Jul 2003

Get a Belkin 54G there in the mid range of prices but you get free support and a dead easy set-up and very easy instalation guide.

  Lozzy 21:20 07 Jul 2003

Another point to bear in mind, is that Belkin products say the radius of the access point and its true where as others make a claim but its no where near that claim.

With my wireless access point the max distance through walls etc is 300 feet. With no obstacles i.e. outside I can go as far as 800 feet before loss of signal..

Hope this helps you

  RickyBlade 21:28 07 Jul 2003

Cheers again Lozzy

Have found a 54g wireless dsl router for £98 from novatech i think that i will be purchasing said item tommorrow unless i can find one cheaper!!



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