Wireless connection.

  Nocandu 16:39 11 Jan 2009

Please may I pose a question which probably has a simple answer.
My friend has two laptops...
No 1 running XP
No 2 running Vista
Both have wireless connectivity.
He has purchased a D-Link router and I have managed to set up the XP computer to the internet.
This logs on with his wifes account.
I now wish to set up the Vista computer using his account.
So...do I use the same network but with a seperate username & password? or is it more complex?
many thanks Brian.

  Pineman100 17:14 11 Jan 2009

If you're simply trying to get the two computers to share the same internet connection, then you should just connect the Vista computer to the wireless network in the normal way.

Then, if you want each of them to log into their own email account from their own computer (is that what you mean?) then just set up the appropriate account in each computer's email client software.

Have I understood your question correctly?

  Nocandu 17:39 11 Jan 2009

Thanks Pineman...you have understood me.

I think I am getting this together now.

If I set the Vista computer up with exactly the same network settings as the XP one it will be able to access the internet.... is this correct?

  Pineman100 17:49 11 Jan 2009

I take it that you have already used the XP computer to get the router connected to your ISP? And that the router's wireless function is switched on? If so, then the majority of the work is done.

All you now need to do, to connect the Vista computer to the internet, is to get it connected to the wireless network.

First ensure that its wi-fi switch is on. Now click Start>Connect To, and then wait a moment or two. You'll get a list of the wireless networks that the computer finds - maybe just friend's if there are no others nearby. Click to highlight it, then click Connect. You'll be taken through the procedure, and you'll have to enter the security key (assuming you've set one up - and if you haven't you should!). Then you should be connected.

  Nocandu 18:13 11 Jan 2009

Thanks Pinecone.... Tomorrow,I will follow this procedure on the Vista machine and use the security key that I set up on the XP machine.
Many thanks for your swift reply.Brian.

  Pineman100 18:32 11 Jan 2009

One other thought - I presume that you haven't told the router NOT to broadcast its SSID (in other words, its name)?

If you have, then that could make life a bit more tricky, because the wireless network will not appear in the 'Connect To' list.

However, provided you didn't switch off SSID broadcast, then all should be as in my post above.

PS: If you must get my name wrong, then I should tell you that Billiard Ball would be a lot more appropriate than Pinecone. ;o)

  Nocandu 18:42 11 Jan 2009

Hi Pineman.....Sorry about the name,if I can't get that right heaven help me setting up the laptop tomorrow LOL......

Seriously I will take note of your last posting and ensure SSID is turned on.

  Nocandu 17:55 12 Jan 2009

Hi Pineman.....Folowed your instructions and now have both laptops working perfectly on the internet.
many thanks Brian.

  Pineman100 18:03 12 Jan 2009

Glad it's sorted.

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