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  tdmoh 00:18 16 Jul 2008

Hi All. I have set up Belkin wireless router ( not encrypted - I know I'm very trusting!) My sons laptop & desktop both connect using different Belkin usb adaptors but my daughter cannot connect with her belkin. When she " repairs connection " it connects for seconds & then stops. Her desktop was set up to work with BT at university. Question, how do I cancel that connection & set up connection to mine. Do I need the SSID address ? How can I find it on my computer? Her wireless connection says connection 13 Sons laptop says connection 4 Is this relevant? Would be grateful for advice. Tried reading other threads & reinstalling her belkin but no luck. Help!

  iqs 12:28 16 Jul 2008

I must admit I'm not an expert,just what I have learned from my own network,but here go's

Have you uninstalled the old BT software?.Create a system restore point first.

I would reinstall the Belkin software,follow all instructions.The set up should look for all wireless networks in range,and list them.Does this happen?

When you click on the desired network,it should connect,unless you have the wireless security enabled .If you do,you will have to input the password.

SSID,is just the name of your network.My router is enabled to broadcast my networks name,makes it easier to identify .

What firewall are you using,it might pay to disable just while you are trying to establish a connection.

Hope this helps

  iqs 12:29 16 Jul 2008


  iqs 12:31 16 Jul 2008

Also make sure that the Belkin wireless adapter is set to the same channel as the router.

  tdmoh 08:36 17 Jul 2008

Thanks iqs
How do I uninstall BT I can only find a file Bt Hub which is just notepad info
I do have Virgin as my ISP
The Belkin is set to auto select channel
I tried switching off Windows firewall - no change - but there may be another firewall ( Mc Afee )How can I find out
Belkin finds the router and connects for a few seconds then stops I need to uninstall BT How ???
Thanks again !

  iqs 19:06 17 Jul 2008

I might have made a mistake with uninstalling the BT software.I thought you said she connected to a BT router with a BT adapter,sorry.

Has your daughter hardwired the laptop to the router,can she connect OK?.You don't need software if you connected via an ethernet cable.

Try checking device manager for any issues.

Right,Firewall,check add remove programs,or start all programs.If installed the firewall will be listed.

Do the others PC's connects to the internet via a wireless connection or hardwired?,does the connection cut out or fail?.

If all the above is OK,try looking for a newer version of the BELKIN software for the adapter.

I asked if VIRGIN was your ISP because,I had a number of issues with my router after VIRGIN went off line for 2 days.
Its a long story,but to re-establish a wireless connection for my laptop,I had to change my SSID,and my security encryption password.Then start the process of detecting the wireless networks in my area,selecting mine and using the security password.This addressed the problem.

Hope I am of help?.Cheers

  tdmoh 23:17 17 Jul 2008

Thanks for that I will look tomorrow . Its past my bedtime now!!

  Woolwell 00:10 18 Jul 2008

I use a Belkin adaptor at work. Some points:
You do not tell it which channel as it finds it automatically.
Connection 13 and connection 4 are irrelevant.
It should find your network (and will display the SSID name) and try to connect.
You should secure your network as it does not pay to be that trusting.
The SSID address is found by entering the configuration pages of the modem/router.
You may well need to connect the adaptor in the same USB port each time.

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