wireless connection

  lost+confused 16:46 23 May 2006

My wireless connection has been working perfectly for the last few months, but recently it keeps connecting, then unconnecting, then connecting and over and over again every few seconds. Can Anybody help me please??

  kinger 16:48 23 May 2006

Is there anything disrupting the signal. Distance, thick walls or metal objects?

  kinger 16:49 23 May 2006

Check for any other wireless routers (a neighbour using one) as this can often interfere. If that is the case you can configure to use only your router and ignore others that may appear.

  lost+confused 17:03 23 May 2006

the router is right next to the adapter so that shouldnt be the problem. Neighbour possibly have wireless I dont know how can I set it up to use just mine?

  lost+confused 17:31 23 May 2006

How do I set it up so that the wireless adapter will use just my router?

  lost+confused 17:15 24 May 2006

Can someone please help???

  ade.h 17:34 24 May 2006

"How do I set it up so that the wireless adapter will use just my router?"

How do you know that it's not?

There's a distinct lack of info here, which is probably the main reason why no-one else has responded. I would find it useful if you could state the make and model of router; the make, model and type of adapter; whether it is run by XP or by its own software; and what security protocol you use. You have not mentioned what software firewalls your network clients are equipped with, either.

  lost+confused 17:38 24 May 2006

my router is a D-link dsl-G604T, my adapter is a d-link, (it came with the router), it is run by its own software and i use Norton internet security. Its weird , how come it worked before?

  ade.h 18:14 24 May 2006

Your adapter is a D-Link' okay, but I also asked what type it is. USB? PCI? PCMCIA? Makes a difference to what advice I may be able to give.

"Its weird , how come it worked before?"

Things stop working sometimes, particularly if outside influences change. I suggest that your first step is to change the router's channel on the Wireless Setup tab of the config interface. It's fig.3-4 in your manual, page 21 (or 37 if you are viewing the pdf version).

  lost+confused 18:37 24 May 2006

Its a USB adapter.

  ade.h 18:56 24 May 2006

USB adapters can, in almost all cases, be used without their software. This can often cure issues with them, but you would normally expect such issues to be present from the start, so do not necessarily expect results in this instance. If you want to try it, you'll need to completely remove the software and the hardware, then re-install the hardware using ONLY the driver. Reply if you want to try it and need more help with it.

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