wireless connection

  Melrosey 16:49 31 Jan 2006

I have bought a sitecom wireless router and can not get it to work. Have followed instructions but when it tells me to open browser and type nothing happens it says server not found. (ethernet connection works fine when connected from modem to pc)

  ade.h 17:32 31 Jan 2006

"....when connected from modem to pc" Can you clarify that? Do you mean that your modem is still plugged into the PC?

Is this a modem/router - for use in lieu of a USB ADSL modem - or is it a router for use with a cable modem?

Tell us exactly how you have set up the router.

Is the ethernet LAN cable connected from the router to the PC when you try to access the config page? If it is not, then you won't get that config page because it cannot be accessed wirelessly - for obvious reasons really.

  ade.h 17:34 31 Jan 2006

To clarify my last statement - that applies to some routers, so may apply to yours.

  T0SH 20:26 31 Jan 2006

There will be a reset button on the router to reset it to factory defaults read the instructions it will tell you exactly how this is done

then type click here into your browser address bar then click GO or hit the Enter or Return key

this should take you into the router setup

Cheers HC

  ade.h 14:02 01 Feb 2006

Please avoid emailing forum members unless invited to do so, as per the forum guidlines. That system is in place for any particular communications which are not appropriate for placement in the thread. General replies should always be posted here, so that everyone who is following your thread can read them.

Copy of the message from Melrosey rec'd by me today:

"The set up is lan cable from router to modem and cable from router to pc. Have tried the reset button but nothing happened. All the right lights are on, on the router. I am running windows xp home and using zone alarm anti virus."

Regarding your reply; it does not make clear whether you are using a router + cable modem or a router + ADSL modem. If you are using an ADSL modem and it is set up as you describe, then this is incorrect. ADSL modems - with either USB or PCI interfaces - cannot be used with routers; this type of modem needs to be replaced by a modem/router. If you are in fact using a cable modem, then you can disregard that advice.

Could you let us know either way please?

  Melrosey 19:19 01 Feb 2006

Its a cable modem (ntl)

  woodchip 19:24 01 Feb 2006

Have you tried as that's whats the norm for Wireless

  ade.h 19:30 01 Feb 2006

They are all different according to the brand. Belkin, for example, is 2.1. Others are usually 0.1 or 1.1.

Off the top of my head, I can't recall what Sitecom routers use.

  Melrosey 20:02 01 Feb 2006

the address I have been using is

  Melrosey 20:02 01 Feb 2006

the address I have been using is

  Greengage 11:52 02 Feb 2006

See click here - it might help.

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