wireless connection ?

  glamworld 17:42 21 Dec 2005

hi i have set up aol on my new laptop (which is wireless buit in) by wired connection first as stated, my laptop has detected the router and status says connected excellent strength, but when i take out the erthenet cable i cant connect to internet, ive disabled firewall and been throught the set up wireless connection procedure, could it be my cordless phone stopping me connecting,? any ideas?

  ade.h 20:47 21 Dec 2005

By wiring them up, you created an Ethernet LAN and now you are trying to use a wifi LAN. Run the Network Setup Wizard on your laptop again and use it to select the wifi LAN component. Then double click on th wifi icon in the Notification Area (bottom right) and refresh the list of available networks. Yours should appear.

  glamworld 20:53 21 Dec 2005

thanks for replying will try that, should i delete the erthent connection, also will it say wifi on laptop ive never noticed it before, there is an icon that looks like a tall pole is that it?

  ade.h 21:01 21 Dec 2005

You can't delete a LAN as such; just ignore it and carry on. Your wifi connection is listed in the same folder - Network Connections - and there is an icon resident in the NA, as described above. When you start Windows, it normally flags up the fact that there is no wifi connection, unless you have disabled your wifi via the button on the laptop.

  Quiller. 21:11 21 Dec 2005

Open up network connections in control panel. Right click the lan icon and pick disable. Check to see if the wireless connection is enabled. like click here.

The wireless lan should try to connect, it may require the router to be rebooted.

If the wireless connection is not in network settings, it may need to be enabled through the bios.

  glamworld 21:20 21 Dec 2005

hi what is bios? and also ive just been on to aol live help(what a joke)they have told me i need an adapter to be able to get wireless connectiity, are thay right my router is thomson speedtouch 576

  VoG II 21:24 21 Dec 2005

BIOS click here

How to access BIOS click here

  glamworld 21:27 21 Dec 2005

hi thanks seems really daunting but will persist been trying for 2 weeks now,

thanks hayley

  ade.h 21:29 21 Dec 2005

The wired LAN context menu should have "disable" greyed out. If it is not, then it is presumably still connected. In which case, unplug it. I don't use wired LAN anymore and the "disable" option is unavailable on my context menu.

Its presence should not affect your ability to use wifi anyway, provided that the latter is correctly set up.

  Quiller. 21:30 21 Dec 2005

They will be no need to enter the bios if the wireless network connection is showing in network connections. Is it showing?

  ade.h 21:31 21 Dec 2005

As for AOHell's suggestion, your laptop already has a built-in wireless adapter (which should be showing in the net conn folder).

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