wireless connection

  buzzbomb 13:33 04 Sep 2005

advice please my home pc works xp home no problems ntl cable via usb wire,if i buy a wireless laptop how do i connect to my home pc and interet,also these hotspots do i pay ntl extra per month or another supplier,when up and running can i pull files from mypc into my laptop via wireless
any help thanks

  buzzbomb 14:56 04 Sep 2005


  bosmere 15:42 04 Sep 2005

You will need a wireless card in your PC and a router which plugs into your NTL connection - you can then connect all without cables and use the internet on both machines simultaneously.

Hotspots you pay the supplying ISP on an hourly basis usually.

Your last question - 'yes' you can enable your folders to be shared and use them/transfer them on either machine.

  Taff36 15:50 04 Sep 2005

You`re in the wrong forum but you need a cable modem (as opposed to an ADSL Modem) Then everything as advised previously by bosmere.

  bosmere 16:08 04 Sep 2005

Taff36 I had assumed he was currently connected via his TV settop box.

  Taff36 19:12 04 Sep 2005

Good Point!

buzzbomb - what equipment do you currently have to connect the PC to the NTL cable?

  bosmere 14:25 06 Sep 2005

Taff36 sorry about delay in response - just found this in my resurrected 'My Postings'.

No equipment - my router connects to the set-top box directly (via the socket that was installed for the PC to plug into previously). My PC and laptop connect to the router via wireless.

  bosmere 14:27 06 Sep 2005

Sorry - that was a senior moment - please ignore :-(

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