wireless connected what next

  picklsey 06:37 23 Oct 2005

xp home...router netgear dg834gt

managed to get it running seems ok will try to get it on to second pc later using usb adaptors,but for now i noticed on set up seurity was disabled and there was something called wep would some one be kind enough to tell me how to set this up.thanks.

  Taff36 08:09 23 Oct 2005

WEP is the least secure method of encryption and WPA is much better but having said that it is probably sufficient if you are in a remote location and there are few other wifi users around. Check your handbook but a simple 64 bit key would be something like a12345678z (10 characters using a-f and 0-9 in any combination)

  retep888 12:33 23 Oct 2005

Use WPA, it's very straight forward and more secure.

Wireless network:

SSID.....................give it a meaningful name


Channel..................06 (auto chosen)

Mode.....................Auto 108Mbps(choose this one if your adapter supports it)

Wireless Access Point:

Check enable wireless access point

check allow broadcast of name(if you want to stay stealth,don't check it)

Security option:

Check WPA-PSK(WI-FI protected access point pre-shared key)

WPA-PSK security encryption:

************************(8-63 whatever numbers and letter,lower and upper cases,anything you like)

Click Apply and the page will be refreshed, and you're done.


P.S. Don't forget to change your router's password in set password under maintenance

  picklsey 15:05 23 Oct 2005

thanks for replies but i,m getting lost here.when i open netgear smart wizard i am met with a box on left hand side it says new profiles do i do anything with this.

next is network name (ssid)set to any (first available network)

  woodchip 15:10 23 Oct 2005

You only need the Wep or WAP for a wireless connection, it's to stop intruders onto your router and intercepting Info from your Wireless Computer

  picklsey 15:12 23 Oct 2005

then i have ad hoc whats this.the security is set to disable.iam trying to eventually have three pc,s going but i want to get this one right first,

retep888....you say ssid give it a meaningfull name such as,and on the wpa encryption are these numbers i have to remember so as to connect the other pc,s.sorry for coming accross so dumb on this but i am at a total loss to all this.thanks for your help.

  woodchip 15:15 23 Oct 2005

Infrastructure is more secure than ad hoc

  picklsey 15:46 23 Oct 2005

still getting nowhere when i put a passphrase in for the wep i get disconnected and can,t get back on again untill i disable security settings again please let me know what i am doing wrong thanks for all the help so far.

  Taff36 15:48 23 Oct 2005

Go for WPA encryption and follow the advice given.

Name you SSID as "Picklsey" - you`ll recognise it then. For a "meaningful" name perhaps "Picklsey at No 52" if you live at number 52.

Ignore the ad hoc and go for infrastucture. It may be called "Access Point" which is the same thing.

  picklsey 16:00 23 Oct 2005

i have tried following the advice given the problem is every time i change a setting i get disconnected and can,t get back online untill i put it all back to the way it was,now i know it will be something iam doing wrong but i can,t figure out what.thanks for the help.

  woodchip 16:06 23 Oct 2005

you first set wep up on router and save, you will get disconnected. after save switch comp and router off. restart router after all the lights are full on start computer and set to same wep as router

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