Wireless camera connected to laptop

  snufflimited 22:55 13 Oct 2008

Hello need some advice I recently brought a wireless car reversing camera and LCD screen system from ebay I plug the screen into cigarette port and I have had the camera mounted on the back of the van by the number plate also its wired up to my reverse light it all works in practice when I put it in reverse and also had a switch put in the back of the van so it runs off my second battery and I can use it as a security camera when im staying in the back. The problem is the LCD screen is crap quality which im gutted about.

My question is can I some how use the camera with my laptop as I think its just the LCD screen that poor?

I have put a link to the item on ebay but also listed its features that was on ebay incase the link doesn’t work !

any help would be great thanks


click here


Camera Paramet

* Power Supply: DC12V
* Power Consumption: 100mA
* Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
* Horizontal Definition: 320 TV Lines
* Angle of View: 150o Wide-Angle Lens

Monitor/Receiver Parameter:

Power Supply: DC12V
Power Consumption: 40mA
Transmission Frequency: 2.4GHz
Validity Pixel: 960 x 240
Monitor Size: 2.5 inch

  boot-it-out 12:38 14 Oct 2008

What you are trying to achieve IS possible, but you will have to buy some extra equipment:

You will need a wireless receiver to receive the video signal transmitted from the existing wireless camera.

The monitor that came with the camera probably has the receiver built in.
If it has a connection for an external monitor then that is the easiest way to go, but I suspect it hasn't, so you will need a different receiver to feed the video signal to your laptop.

There are plenty of these on E-Bay at around £20 - £25 - search for "Wireless CCTV" - they are adjustable within the 2.4GHz frequency band so should work with the exisitng wireless camera, and can be powered by a 12 volt external supply.

You then need to get the video into your laptop, and it is unlikely you will have a built in video capture card, so you will also need to purchase another device - search E-Bay / Google etc. for USB Video Capture.

You should then be able to capture the video from the new receiver directly into your laptop.

HOWEVER - If you're going to use yur laptop why not just call it quits with your existing kit ( maybe re-sell it on E-Bay ) and just get a USB web cam ? - Plenty of choice, plenty of different features available, and will probably cost a lot less :-)

  woodchip 12:50 14 Oct 2008

More oft than not its cheap bad cameras

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