Wireless Broadband decision

  Heckmotor 11:36 23 Nov 2005

Sorry for the naive nature of my query, but... We want to sign up for Broadband (have been on BT Midband for a couple of years, and will only be able to get 512Kbps because of the distance from our exchange). I've postponed the decision because I want to set up a wireless network at the same time, linking a desktop, which will require wireless enablement, a laptop with fast 'g' standard incorporated, an older laptop with no wireless connectivity and, at some stage, a multimedia entertainment machine in the living room.
I find that BT can provide a wireless package, but is that my best course? Is it as fast as our newer laptop can handle? Could our own choice of modem/router offer any advantages? ...and thinking about it, do BT still offer a 'wires only' option anyway, without 'free' boxes, because if they don't, we might as well take their package and consider improving it later? You might say "Why not ask BT?", but it just takes so long, doesn't it?

  Strawballs 01:03 24 Nov 2005

You say "that you can only have 512kbps because of the distance from echange" are you in a cable enabled area and if so have you considered that as broadband ISP. You will need wireless for your desk top if you don't want to take the side off you can get a usb adapter and for the old laptop the same or PCMCIA card, and if you do stay with BT you will need a combined modem/router or if you go to cable you will need a router wireless of course. Oh and if you do go cable you can still keep your BT phone line if you wish and just get a stand alone cable modem

  Heckmotor 17:04 28 Nov 2005

Unfortunately we're not in a cable area, but in the north Oxfordshire countryside, where not only does the phone service periodically go down, but also water and electricity for the full Baghdad experience. I suppose my question is: does choosing my own 'boxes' and selecting a 'wires only' broadband connection offer any advantages over just geetting a 'free' modem/router solution from BT?

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