wireless broadband

  anticks 16:44 18 Aug 2008

If I wish to set up a wireless network using the HomePlug system, do I also need a wireless router? I am using a BT voyager 210 wired router at present. Many thanks in advance

  mgmcc 16:57 18 Aug 2008

Why, if you want a "wireless" network, are you intending to use HomePlugs?

You would normally just replace the "wired" router with a "wireless" one and connect all computers directly to that.

  sinbads 17:06 18 Aug 2008

This is what you need for the setup signal to computers is through the 240v system click here

  Technotiger 17:10 18 Aug 2008

No, the homeplug system works with both wired and wireless routers.

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