wireless broadband

  baldyx 12:25 11 Oct 2006

I am thinking of getting SKY broadband which I believe works thru wireless router. Will my PC be o.k. to receive the broadband ?

If my pc does not have wireless capability, what do I have to change in my pc?


  daxian 12:40 11 Oct 2006

hi baldyx...
if your pc has a network card(LAN)there should be no problem...
you will need to connect at least one pc via ethernet cable,that would be the desktop normally.
then any other pc(laptop) would connect via the wireless...via a wireless card or plugin.
hope this helps Dave.

  Graham. 12:40 11 Oct 2006

You will need a dongle. This should do the trick
click here

  Aargh 13:06 11 Oct 2006

You shouldn't need anything as long as your PC has a network card installed with an ethernet port available. The bundle you get includes the wireless router/modem, phone cable & filters for adsl, and the network cable for the pc. All you then need is further wireless cards or capable devices for whatever else you want to connect wirelessly.

You can check your PC by reading its documentation, or if an XP system by right clicking My Computer, then properties>Hardware>Device Manager>Network Adapters

If there is a Network Adapter fitted it will be displayed as something like 'Intel(R) Pro 100 VE Network Connection'.

Personally I wouldn't go down the USB route for networking - to much scope for glitches with drivers and resource problems.

  Graham. 14:07 11 Oct 2006

Does the network card you mention have an ethernet port? I was looking at a friend's PC with USB modem problems, I think it had such a card. It had two sockets.

  baldyx 21:20 14 Oct 2006

Thanks all.

As Aargh suggested I have checked & 'Intel(R) Pro 100 VE Network Connection' exists. Also,
there is an Ethernet port.

Is 'dongle' same as NetGear adaptor(£20 thru Sky )? Because the guy on the SKY help desk mentioned that Netgear thru USB port will get me broadband.

This is all theory for me at the moment as I am still waiting for the sky to offer me the service & equipments!

  QuizMan 21:59 14 Oct 2006

I have recently switched to Sky. They supplied the Netgear DG834GT modem/router. You can connect to it either wirelessly or by ethernet cable. I chose the former.

"Is 'dongle' same as NetGear adaptor(£20 thru Sky )?" - yes. But any wireless adapter should work. I've wirelessly connected a PC and laptop, neither of which use the proprietary Sky dongle of Netgear card.

One word of caution, if you opt for the ethernet cable approach, you'll either need to buy a longer cable or site your PC near the router. The supplied cable is quite short - about 1 1/2 metres.

  QuizMan 22:00 14 Oct 2006

Should be "...proprietary Sky dongle OR Netgear card."

  baldyx 19:05 15 Oct 2006

Thank you QuizMan.
I have a belkin USB adaptor(model F8T009),will that work ?

  QuizMan 20:23 15 Oct 2006

Can't see any reason why it would not work although this comes with a caveat. Much depends on how far the PC will be from the router and if there are other external appliances that might interfere with the signal, e.g. some cordless phones.

ade.h is a regular contributor to this forum and has written an excellent guide. You would be well advised to have a read before setting up a wireless connection. click here.

Also check out the Networking forum for further tips.

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