Wireless Broadband

  Storik 16:47 25 Jan 2005

Having a horrendous time on the internet since I moved house. Should be able to get broadband, but my line is "amber" - a case of don't be an ambler gamber I presume. Anyway broadband won't work.

Cand someone advise as to whether I would be able to get wireless broadband and what a "hot spot" is. Would be most grateful.


  Kate B 18:24 25 Jan 2005

You have to arrange an account with an ISP to get broadband access - the ISP, with BT, activates the line for you. There are zillions to choose from, have a look here as a good start: click here.

A hotspot is the area in which your wifi card can pick up a signal. If you're lucky, one of your neighbours might have an unsecured network that you could piggyback on but that's not exactly best practice.

You often see coffee shops etc saying they have hotspots: the idea is the same, in other words it's an area covered by the signal broadcast by a wifi router. But coffee shops will ask you for money to connect to their network.

any more questions, come back to us ...

  fitshase 18:44 25 Jan 2005

Another option, depending on where you live is this:-

click here



  Storik 22:54 25 Jan 2005

Problem with broadband in my area, is that my line, although activated for broadband (for both BT and AOL)was showing "amber" on line test. The consequence was that Broadband just did not work.

The dialup connection is running @ 28.8Kbps and there are times I could have a four course meal and an afternoon nap before the wretched thing loads a page. - Thought the wireless broadband might be a solution - seemingly not - but thanks

Thanks also Fitshase for the pointer - unfortunately not yet available in my area - have only just made ordinary broadband - er supposedly.

Thanks again - will make an appointment for a hair transplant while I continue to pull our what I've got.


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