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  milkybarkid 11:05 02 Sep 2007

My friend lives in an old cottage with very thick walls. He recently had a BT Home Hub installed and has a Dell desktop upstairs with a Belkin USB wireless network adaptor. Unfortunately, although the distance is great I do believe his weak signal is because of the thick walls. Can anyone recomend a solution i.e, some sort of wireless booster/repeater? Do they work effectively and are they difficult to set up?

  EARLR 14:19 02 Sep 2007

Not A hijack. just a bump.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:35 02 Sep 2007
  Ashrich 14:41 02 Sep 2007

It's all a matter of angles ,a signal going through a 10 inch wall directly only has 10 inches to get through , at a 60 degree angle that becomes several feet ( I'm sure someone can work it out ) so either move the pc down stairs or the router upstairs , boosting the signal will still have the same distances/thickness's to travel , or run a length of Ethernet cable upstairs and attach a wireless access point to it .


  T0SH 15:55 02 Sep 2007

Have you thought about using this method
click here

Cheers HC

  woodchip 16:02 02 Sep 2007

Try reposition the router antennas, as its a bit like using a internal TV antenna

  milkybarkid 16:28 03 Sep 2007

.....for your kind help and assistance. I now have a number of options as outlined by the above and I am sure will find a solution. Thanks again.

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