wireless arial outdoor DIY question

  riddle_box 02:05 07 Aug 2007

i rember back when wireless first came out and they were on about making a arial out of a tube of pringles

well since they are shutting down the signal for tv got sky+ anyway i got a arial up on the roof

is it possible to boost your signal using the tv arial after all it is a 30ft copper wire to it and just want to extend the range by about 5 meters at the very most so i can stream media from the server pc inside to the garden

is it just a case of taking the arial apart on the router solder the wires keepin both wires seperate be a good use that everyone has plus it stops the mrs from sending me up there to take it down its about 5 1/2 feet long

as rf cables are now a thing of the past now were are goin digital would a tv signal booster also help as all it is doing is ampin the signal

i understand it would have to be config'd with the arial output into the booster input and run the tv arial from the booster so the boosted signal runs to the arial to transmit

so has anyone tried this and does it work ??

i am only aim'n for 5 meters just so i can use the laptop in the garden yet still be able to stream media with out to much loss in speed

driving me nuts thinkin about this as i dont know anything about arials

i know it can be done with tin cans and stuff but we are all going to end up with a arial just sitting there all these tv signal boosters and tv sliters all in rf which i'm hoping to put to good use arial on the roof is bigger than a tin can sits right up on top plus i'm hoping the cable will also act as bit of a arial as well

please help any advice would be great as i dont even know if the theory is sound

  ambra4 03:08 07 Aug 2007

Check out these Hi-Gain antennas

click here

  Ashrich 11:23 07 Aug 2007

Wrong cable , wrong fittings and wrong configuration and length , the Pringle cantenna's have only a half metre cable length because the signal loss would be too great with anything more and the fittings to the antenna are the same as on a mini pci or router , tiny ones . The antenna's themselves need to be a straight up omnidirectional or a concentrated dish type , click here

See the prices also !!


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