Wireless antenna positions

  TonyW2 12:01 31 Aug 2007

Changing antenna positions or quality on a wireless router and PC adapter may affect the signal strength.
(Increasing a low one is my aim and I am working through pssible causes.)
As the signal has to transmit in both directions, how do I determine which is the most likely culprit and hence which to move or upgrade first?

Edimax ADSL+2 router/modem, Windows XP SP2 desktop PC and D Link USB adapter

  Forum Editor 18:11 01 Sep 2007

but if you're getting a weak signal it could be either or both of your devices to blame.

I'm assuming that your machine is placed within reasonable range of the router, and that there aren't too many intervening walls and floors.

Move the router around first, because that's easier - it's a trial and error thing.

  TonyW2 19:21 02 Sep 2007

Edimax Wireless AR-7084. One chipboard floor, one stud wall, one breezeblock wall 35feet.
So should be OK.

Two other networks sometimes show as in range, but my setup signal strength is low even when they are not transmitting, ---although the speed (which is normally 5 to 12Mbps) seems to drop, but not consistently, to 1Mbps or no connection, when they are on. This is difficult to check because of the intermittent nature of their transmissions.
(I have tried changing just the channel number on the router, but when I do this, the connection fails and keeps showing as "Windows cannot connect to the wireless network" --even after switching everything off and back on to let the automatic connections restart up or trying "repair".)

  ambra4 01:55 07 Sep 2007

You must also change the channel # on the wireless device any change you make on the router you must also change on the wireless device

  ambra4 02:18 07 Sep 2007

If your router has a removable antenna look at replacing with a Hi-Gain antenna

This would increase the signal strength, the connect speed and give you a more consistently signal around the house

Your connect speed should be around 40-54 Mbps if you want a reliable wireless system

  ambra4 03:19 07 Sep 2007

Since using this Hawing hi gain antenna all my wireless problems have disappeared, signal strength now excellent, connect speed now a consistently 54Mbps all around the building even outside

click here

  TonyW2 09:04 07 Sep 2007

Thanks ambra4
Changing antennae looks a good idea an d will probably be the solution. but first I am going to experiment with moving the router/modem/transmitter to a geographically different incoming ADSL telephone point.
This may take some time, as I am waiting for telephone points being moved.

Are you sure about having to change the PC USB Adapter settings when changing the transmitter channel, (and if so how?) because I did change the transmitter (from channel 11 to 6) and am still getting connection, without touching the PC end. (It did not improve the signal strength but will hopefully resolve any conflict with other networks))

  ambra4 15:12 07 Sep 2007

It seems to be done auto once you change the router channel # and reboot the laptop

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