wireless adsl router trouble

  nhojnhoj35 14:53 06 Aug 2006

I installed a wireless adsl router about 2 months ago (think it was lynksis). I had trouble with it dropping the connection so I took it back to the shop and exchanged it for a D-Link DSL-G604T

But quite quickly this one started doing the same thing. I re-sited it away from our cordless phone, I hard wired it to our main pc and also had it running from the main phone connection but it still does it.

If I use my laptop it will periodically say that there is no wireless network available, other times it literally comes and goes in a matter of seconds. ie. it finds the wireless network but by the time I press connect it says its not available again.

i rang pipex (my ISP) and they suggested a few settings changes but no joy!

thing is my phone line sounds very crackly sometimes. is there a way to check if the line is faulty?

  BurrWalnut 14:59 06 Aug 2006

If you have a BT line you could try this :-

Unplug all telephone connections except one and dial 17070 (use prefix 1470 if your number is withheld) and test the line (1st option, I think).

If you're not satisfied with the line test, telephone the engineer on 151 and tell him/her about the problem - don't be rude it won't help.

  FelixTCat 16:34 06 Aug 2006


First, make sure that you have the basics right. Do you have a microfilter fitted at every extension point on the phone?

If you have, log into your modem, click the Status tab, then DSL Status. Note the Downstream Rate (Kbps), the DS Margin and the DS Line Attenuation.

Move your wireless router to the BT master socket, plug in, switch on and repeat.

Now, temporarily, unplug every phone, fax machine etc on every extension, reboot the modem and note the readings again.

If there is any significant difference between any of the 3 sets of readings, then the problem lies within your phone system at home.

If they are all effectively identical, and you cannot get a good wireless internet connection from the master socket, then the fault probably lies with BT.



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