wireless adsl connection drop - amy ideas?

  mitey_won 18:04 13 Jan 2005

My adsl connection disconnects when the browser is idle, ie not open or open but not requesting data.
I mean, if I'm connected, looking at sites and requesting data - it generally doesnt drop the adsl signal. 5 minutes of being off the computer or just leaving the website idle - it disconnects. I press refresh, and 8 times out of 10, it reconnects and the green light on the router comes on again.

any ideas?

setup: belkin wireless 802.11g (F57630) modem/router + 2pcs with wireless adapters
(using win xp, sp2, browser- IE)

  Modo 18:22 13 Jan 2005

It is not clear where you are losing the connection from in your posting.

Are you losing it at the modem. Is it failing to transmit from the router. Or is it being lost at the computers.

The latter is pretty common. It almost always ends up being a problem with what you are using to configure the adapters. Are you using Windows or the Belkin utility?

If it is the modem router try changing the channel frequency.

Also download NetStumbler and check you are not competing with other networks on the same channel.

  Mikè 19:25 13 Jan 2005

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