wireless adaptor

  User-BF227B42-0C22-4ABA-8E4944DA1E511A3F 13:01 09 Apr 2008

Hi, i've got orange wireless broadband,do i need a wireless adaptor to go with it as i cant get it to be wireless.

  Gordon999 13:09 09 Apr 2008

Hi Joyjoy,

By wireless broadband I presume you mean the router to which your line is attahced to allowing you to connect to the internet.

If so yes you will need sometype of adapter for you laptop/PC so you can access the internet.

If you have a laptop you can buy a adapter if it is not already configured with an inter adapter to receive wireless. You can also buy an apter for you PC.

It sounds like you have a box of tricks which you cannot yet use. I would ahve thought that Orange should have supplied an adapter.


  Diodorus Siculus 13:10 09 Apr 2008

If you have the router / modem provided by Orange, you will also need something to pick up the signal or you can connect the PC via a cable.

Can you give more details of what your setup is ie what hardware and operating system on the PC / laptopp.

Hi gordon999,yes i got the wireless router from orange but they did not supply the adaptor, as i'm new to this i wasn't sure i needed one. i got my pc from pc world in 2002 its a packard bell.do i go back to them and buy an adaptor. thanks Joy

  Gordon999 13:24 09 Apr 2008

Hi Joy,

No you can get an adapter from any good shop like Curry's Dixon's etc but there nothing wrong with PC World either.

Depending on what you want you can by a card with a little antennae which you need to attach to your PC's motherboard, but if you are new the the world of PC's you can by a USB adapter which you simply plug into a spare USB slot on the PC.

Follow the instruction in both the orange manual and what adapter you buy to set them up. You should have receivedinstructions from orange to set up the security of the router once you have installed the wireless adapter and connected to there site. But it should all be in their instructions. Get back to me should need anything else.


Thanks Gordon, will go out & buy one

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