Wireless Adapter/Ethernet Network Card required ?

  carlog 14:02 16 Jan 2008

Have 'old' PC c.2002

Just switching to Broadband (PlusNet) from dial up modem

Have received Wireless Router as part of package(BT Voyager 2110)

Have been told I also need a Wireless Adapter (they suggestBT Voyager 1055)

They have also supplied an Ethernet cable to also enable wired connection also (which would be useful). However I have been told that I need an Ethernet Network Card as my PC doesn't have an 'RJ-45' socket

Does this sound right ?
Are these easy to set up?
And any suggestions for good products (performance and price)

Any advice greatly apprciated

  Quiller. 14:21 16 Jan 2008

I find it hard that a c2002 PC has no ethernet connector. It is also known as LAN and is the same shape as a dialup modem socket, but bigger:)

Is this a branded PC. Have you got the make and model of it, so we can check.

  Quiller. 14:24 16 Jan 2008

This picture shows a 2 lan sockets marked as D
click here

  carlog 14:30 16 Jan 2008

Many thanks - its a 'Tiny' PC - don't have model no. detail to hand but will check and advise - there def didn't appear to be an ethernet/lan socket but will check again

  Quiller. 15:04 16 Jan 2008

Post back the model number when you can.

As to buying and fitting a lan/network card.

You can get them from a couple of pounds, upwards. Most you should pay is £10.

You would need find out if you have a spare White PCI slot in the computer. You would have to switch the PC off and take off the side casing. At the back of the computer you should have one or more of these click here white PCI slots.

You have to take off a removable plate from the out side of the case that matches the slot. Push in the lan card and fix it to the case with a screw.

As easy as that.

Switch on the computer and let windows find the new hardware and it's done.

  Quiller. 15:10 16 Jan 2008

a wireless card would fit in the same slot as would a lan card. So you could have either a wired card (LAN) or a wireless card (WLAN). If you use a wireless card you would have to install the drivers that come with it but you would not need a wire from the router as the signal would be sent by radio waves. Price around £15 to £20

The easiest method is to use a WiFi USB dongle. These just fit into a spare usb port and can communicate with the router. You will have to use the drivers that come with it but these can easily be transported from computer to computer. Price around £15 to £20.

  Strawballs 22:29 16 Jan 2008

If you are not happy about taking the side off of your case and installing a network card (really easy to do) you could get one of these for under £3 click here

  carlog 15:58 17 Jan 2008

hi - the pc model is a Tiny Home Studio 1800 - 70007 TMM01T4 P4 - 1.8 ......if that helps!? - purchased feb 2002

  carlog 16:16 17 Jan 2008

Thanks for the advice -just to check my understanding....

I can connect to broadband through the BT router

1. by a 'wired' method - by installing a wired (LAN) ethernet card to my PC and connecting by cable to the router

2. and/or by 'wireless' method - installing a wireless (WLAN) adapter and connecting wirelessly

3. and/or a wireless 'dongle' that plugs into the USB port

4. a 'wired' USB to LAN RJ45 that plugs into the USB port

Thanks again

  Quiller. 17:56 17 Jan 2008

should have a lan socket.

Open start / control panel / network connections. What do you have listed in there? If you have a Local Area Connection icon, right click it and enable.

Or download SIW for free and copy and post the specifications here. click here

Yes to your question of 1 to 4

Number 4 would need a cable from the usb/lan connecter to the router.

  Quiller. 18:09 17 Jan 2008

There seems to be no information a the Tiny Home Studio 1800 - 70007 TMM01T4 P4 - 1.8.

If you try SIW just look for the network setting, listed here in SIW click here

It should read above that all 4 questions are right:)

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