Wireless adapter not working

  ?bob? 13:25 16 Oct 2007

Hi guys,
recentaly my Toshiba Satellite A100 became infected with a killer virus. I had to re-run windows XP on it, but happily I did not have to re-format the hard drive.

My only problem now is that my computer does not think I have a wireless adapter installed, but before the virus it worked fine.

I have no idea what to do so can someone please help? I really have to get it working again...

Please reply as soon as possible, or email me at:
[email protected]

Thanks guys.

  FreeCell 13:37 16 Oct 2007

?Bob? not a good idea to put an email address on the forum as may be abused. Any member can email you just by clicking on the envelope next to your name at the top of each post.

Was wirelss card included with the laptop or are you using a USB adaptor? If the latter then you will need to reinstall the driver/softare that came with the adaptor. If its built in then Windows should support it. Check in Network Connections to see if you have any reference to Wireless Connection. If it's Disabled then right click and set as Enabled.

  ?bob? 13:42 16 Oct 2007

OK thanks for the tip,
the wireless card came built into the laptop and it was fine befor I had to run windoes again. For some reason my laptop does not let me look for wireless connections and I have installed other wireless clients and they say things like "no wireless hardware found".

Do you have any other tips?

  ?bob? 14:09 16 Oct 2007

Hi guys,
I have just noticed on my other Thoshiba Satellite A100 that under device manager its has another divice that this laptop does not have. What do I do to bring it back?

  tullie 15:58 16 Oct 2007

Never heard of a killer virus lol.Seems a bit drastic re instaling xp if thats what you meant.

  FreeCell 20:40 16 Oct 2007

Which devicer? Are you certain it's available on the other A100?

Hardware devices should be automatically installed on boot up under Windows if it detects "new hardware". If it's not detecting a piece of hardware then it may not be fitting correctly and may not be powered or not connecting in some way. Woulod need to know which device it is to kbnow if this could be the case.

  Ashrich 21:31 16 Oct 2007

Have you tried ( sorry if this sounds daft ) turning the wireless on via the switch on the right hand side of the laptop ( nearest the front ) , another question , how did you get rid of the " killer virus " and why did you have to re-install afterwards ?


  ?bob? 22:39 16 Oct 2007

Hey guys again,
Ashrich: Yes I have the switch on!
Freecell: I am positive that its on this computer to.
All: I had to re-run windows as I could not even get back into my computer. nI had a blue warning screen.

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