Wireless Adapter

  Chas49 13:52 17 Mar 2008

Is it possible to use an adaptor other than the voyager 1055 with the BT Hub? Having had a 1055 fail after 5 weeks I'm too happy to fork out another £25 or so! I believe that I have read somewhere about the fail rate on these adaptors (1055 that is) - is it high?

  Chas49 13:55 17 Mar 2008

Doh! Should read 'I'm NOT too happy' !

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:28 17 Mar 2008

Any wireless card or dongle should work as they should all conform to the same standards.

  Chas49 18:53 17 Mar 2008

Thanks for that - any suggestions on reliable ones please? Perhaps the one you have, if indeed you use one!

I note that the 1055 is a Chinese product - I have had satisfactory items made there but as I said - I have read of failures with this particular item so, preprogrammed to expect it's failure I suppose I can be excused for casting doubt on the product. It would please me if my view was completely false and indeed I hope that this is so!

A curious thing is that the adapter had worked perfectly until last Saturday when BT in this area had a problem - when that was resolved the next day then the adapter was found to be broken - again, this may, and probably is, pure chance. The other 1055 I have on another desktop continues to work OK.

I have just emailed voyager re the 'dud' 1055 but as it was 5 weeks old I'm just hoping that they will reply in my favour - ie: send me another. (but I won't hold my breath!)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:03 17 Mar 2008

What were the symptoms of the failure?

  woodchip 19:11 17 Mar 2008

Tevion Wireless USB adapter Aldi about £10. I use one on a XP Desktop

  Chas49 20:50 17 Mar 2008

Fruit Bat /\0/\:

Symptoms? Both adapters are voyager 1055's. The adapter has an Green LED which flashes as the data is passed - the 'dud' one has no such flashes and refuses to connect.

The working one however does flash and does connect, both on the old and the new desktops

I took the GOOD adapter from the USB socket on the new desktop where it clearly worked OK. When I attached the this adapter to the old desktop it worked there too. I took the 'dud' out of the old desktop -this then refused to work in the new desktop. Putting the GOOD adapter back in the new desktop. and it worked OK. Hence my saying that the other appears to be a dud.


Noted - I'll go there tomorrow, thanks.

  Chas49 01:27 18 Mar 2008

It must be one of those days!! I had, without realising it actually posted in both this and the Networking section for which I do apologise - I can only assume that senility is advancing !

Anyway to the point, I have had a short nap of some two hours, suitably refreshed I came downstairs and had another go. This time I uninstalled the adapter software and then installed it afresh. I'm happy to report that the adapter was not faulty after all and that it has made a connection with the hub. Flashing away like billy-o!

When I originally set this computer up with the adapter I'm sure that it used to be live upon switch on - now you have to click the taskbar icon - no bother with that- just curious.

Many thanks for your assistance. One thought - I wonder why the other adapter worked when I swapped them?

  Chas49 10:53 18 Mar 2008

'When I originally set this computer up with the adapter I'm sure that it used to be live upon switch on - now you have to click the taskbar icon - no bother with that- just curious.'

Would you believe it, this morning I switched on both desktops and both were connected to the web upon startup. No need to click on the taskbar icon. I can only assume that the computers needed to be rebooted for this effect to happen.

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