wireless adapter

  marneygirl 14:05 04 Feb 2007

hope someone can help me cos i really just dont have a clue.

i have now changed providers from tiscali to aol and recieved this pack click here
my son has got his computer connected to the internet and now im wanting to set up my other sons computer,bless him hes been waiting since july 2006 to get his set up,but i cant understand what i gotta do,it says stuff about a wireless adapter but havent a clue what this is,is it something i got to buy and where can i get one from if i do got to buy one.
i would truly appreciate any help to set up my other sons computer,i thought when i changed to wireless there would be no problems.
if anybody wants to come around and set it all up i would appreciate too :) only joking.

hope to hear from you lovely people soon.

  howard64 14:56 04 Feb 2007

most routers can connect via cables usb and ethernet and the wireless. You have obviously connected via a cable to one pc and all is well. The other pc must have either an rj45 socket to connect an ethernet cable from it to the router or a wireless device. Two types of wireless device are available a pci card that gets fitted into a spare slot on the motherboard or a usb dongle that plugs into any usb slot. The usb dongle is the easiest method. When you buy one it will come with a cd to install and you have to follow the instructions for wireless that should have come with the router.

  rodriguez 15:01 04 Feb 2007

Did your AOL pack come with a wireless router? If it did, your internet box will have an aerial on it so you can tell it's wireless. All you need for your son's computer is a wireless adapter (click here), you can also get them from PC World or most other computer shops. You plug it into your son's computer and it will then connect to the Internet. It might ask for a WPA or WEP key, but this will be written on a card that came with your AOL router or written on it's box or on a sticker underneath the router. If your router doesn't have an aerial and is all cabled, you'll need to buy one of those as well (click here) and again you can also buy these from most computer shops, but I think your AOL package will have included a wireless router.

  howard64 15:04 04 Feb 2007

Be aware that the distance between the router and the wireless pc is quite critical and the number of walls etc in between make a difference. When my 2 pcs were about 5m apart with just 2 walls between them the signal was great. Once the second pc was moved to its normal position about 15m away and 5 walls between there was no signal at all. I ended up running a cat5e cable between them. The wireless is only used when daughter with laptop is here and a few feet from the router.

  Strawballs 16:06 04 Feb 2007
  marneygirl 16:10 04 Feb 2007

that dongle thing sounds easiest :)

yeah the aol pack come with a wireless router that has a little areial on it,that sounds easy if i just got to get that thing you put down,it looks like a usb flash pen thingy.

the computers are right next to each other so no walls in the way or anything,well just the boys in the way of each other.

well all this looks easy then if all i got to do is buy one of them things,and then thats it,does it have to be a certain wireless adapter? or can i just buy any of them adapter things that is on ebay say?

thanks everyone for replies,i didnt even know what a wireless adapter thing was till you told me.

  marneygirl 16:11 04 Feb 2007

thankyou strawballs

  marneygirl 16:20 04 Feb 2007

would something like this be ok click here

  marneygirl 16:25 04 Feb 2007

or is this ok click here
is there a difference between these 2 ?
i dont want to spend loads of money if i have to as ive spent about 200 justtrying to get it up and running since july.

  Strawballs 18:15 04 Feb 2007

The first one will work but I suggest you read the bit on security in that link I gave you because an unsecured network can be accessed by anybody with a laptop with wireless.

The second one will not work with your router because bluetooth is different mainly used by mobile phones.

  marneygirl 10:28 05 Feb 2007

sorry to bother you again is this adapter ok click here

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