Wireless Access Points and Wireless routers

  Jsimbaz 17:30 20 Feb 2006

I brought a Wireless Access Point by mistake from Ebuyer (D-Link DWL-2000AP+) and I was meant to buy a wireless router. Is there anyway I can use the Access Point, without having to return it to ebuyer and be sent another one (OH GOD NO!! :P). I have Telewest Cable broadband, they've provided me with a Cable Modem.

Thanks, Josh.

  remind 19:22 20 Feb 2006

I would guess from what info there is here click here that you could just plug your modem into the DLink and use it just like an ordinary wireless router.
"Built-in Bridge Functions
The DWL-2000AP+ can be configured to operate in any one of the 4 modes: (1) as a wireless access point (AP), (2) a point to point wireless bridge, (3) a point to multi point wireless bridge, or (4) a wireless client. With these built-in functions, the DWL-2000AP+ gives you the flexibility to configure the device to meet your environment's requirements. "

  Jsimbaz 19:24 20 Feb 2006

what mode would I use it in

  remind 19:33 20 Feb 2006

Sorry, just took another look at the site/manual. It appears you're better off with a broadband router - this device will need more configuration to set up , even the setup diagrams show it connected to a router which is itself connected to a modem (click here). You /could/ use it (option 1). Also I see no mention of a firewall, which a router will provide.
It's a pain to send it back but if you're setting up a wireless network any added complications are bad news.

  Jsimbaz 19:50 20 Feb 2006

I would prefer to use option 1 - it was meant to be installed for my grandfather last week. Could you explain a bit more?

  remind 20:14 20 Feb 2006

Some info here; click here
and more click here
Not very familiar with access points personally, but
if you follow the setup wizard and everything configures itself, that's great, however if the AP doesn't assign an IP address to your PC(s) automatically (as a router does) then it will require some fiddling with network settings, forcing the computer to use a particular IP address ( for local networks, but this AP uses as it's own address for configuration so rule that one address out). It's rather involved if it does get to that stage; this info is for Windows 2000 but applies for XP too. I am assuming you'll be using either of those, but finding the same information in 98/ME is fairly straightforward. Sorry to be so vague, there are a
wide range of issues that may need solving during setup (hopefully none at all).

  remind 20:15 20 Feb 2006

Sorry, link would help; click here

  Jsimbaz 20:46 20 Feb 2006

im confuzed, going to send it back ;P

  mgmcc 23:09 20 Feb 2006

If there is only one computer involved, you should be able to plug the Wireless Access Point into the Cable Modem's ethernet port and connect wirelessly. As it isn't a router, you wouldn't be able to connect with a second PC and a proper router would be much easier to set up.

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