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  LimestoneRock 15:48 31 Mar 2006

I am on NTL cable broadband and my main PC upstairs is connected(wired) to a D-Link wireless router/access point - DI 614+. My PC downstairs is networked wirelessly by way of a PCI adapter and this works OK. My laptop is linked via a PCMCIA card but the connection often breaks down when used downstairs despite many efforts at fine tuning/revised configuration. I have already bought extended antenna for the router but this has not really improved matters.

I have seen this for sale click here and wonder whether it can be used in conjunction with my existing router/setup to improve the connection. Can anyone please advise?

  LimestoneRock 09:25 01 Apr 2006

Anyone please?

  dms05 11:25 01 Apr 2006

What speed are you running your 802.11 PCMCIA card at? If it's 54 Mbps (ie 802.11g) you might try running at 802.11b (ie 11 Mbps).

Do I assume your laptop connects OK when nearer to the D-Link?

What make of PCMCIA card are you using?

  dms05 11:32 01 Apr 2006

I don't think the Linksys Wireless Access Point - Version 2.2 Uk 11mbps 802.11b will be a great deal of help.

How far is downstairs fron upstairs? I use an additional Access Point downstairs in a large building - that is LAN cabled from the upstairs router and offers extended coverage on different channels (10 and 6) but using the same SSID so laptops roam between the two WiFi sources and select the strongest. However as your Desktop works OK I suspect the PCMCIA card is causing the problem.

  LimestoneRock 12:01 01 Apr 2006

Thanks for your response dms05.My card is a D-Link 650+ which is 802.11b but it claims to run at 22 Mbps, which it does. The laptop connects extremely well when in the same room as the router. By the way, in an effort to cure this problem in the past I have purchased a Netgear MA521(802.11b) and also Safecom 802.11g (54 Mbps)but with the same results. There is no unusal distance between downstairs and upstairs - "about the norm" - and as I am in a relatively new house, we only have stud walls to contend with. This makes the problem more difficult to understand

  Danoh 15:49 01 Apr 2006

1) experiment by moving router-antenna around; I have found even more 1 or 2 feet made a big difference due to a specific barrier between the router and where I wanted to use a wireless client.

2) Check that you do not use a DECT phone nor have a DECT phone's base station near to the router or wireless client.
(Or microwave oven which also generates radio waves on the same frequency as wireless networks in Europe).

  LimestoneRock 10:21 03 Apr 2006

Sorry for the delay in coming back, Danoh. I have tried in the past and again in recent days moving the router - there has been slight improvement but it still breaks up. Point noted regarding DECT phones.

  dms05 11:16 03 Apr 2006

I note DLink have a very recent Firmware update for your equipment click here# Maybe you could try installing it.

To use the 22Mb (+) setting do you have to chose anything in the DLink installation? Maybe the other 802.11 cards won't handle the 22Mb proprietry DLink setting? Can you set the DLink to the industry standard 11Mb for 802.11b?

I use a DLink AP with various makes of WiFi card (Safecom, Netgear, Broadcom) without any problem.

  LimestoneRock 11:35 03 Apr 2006

Yes, I've installed the firmware up-date. The 22mb setting comes up automatically, the other cards work but at 11mb and I do not think that there is anything in the set-up to enable me to select anything else.

  dms05 11:48 03 Apr 2006

I've checked my D-Link 900AP+ and that also offers 22Mb by default. All my other WiFi connects to it without a problem (a mixture of 802.11b and g). I did find a setting in the D-Link installation that allowed you to manually set the maximum speed. Maybe you could try setting it lower and seeing if that allows better connection? But I don't have any problems set at 22Mb.

Good Luck!

  LimestoneRock 12:15 03 Apr 2006

The Safecom actually fluctuates between 11 and 22mb. I'll explore further the setting you mention but assuming no joy in this direction will consider the matter closed and I'll shall just have to persevere. Many thanks for your help.

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