Aziraphael 18:32 28 Nov 2007

Ok, time to show my stupidity again.....I'm just about to switch to Virgin Broadband from BT......don't ask why, it's just a lot easier and cheaper for me.....anyway, because of where the sockets are in the house etc I need to go wireless. Having only ever been wired before I'm a bit confused. Virgin say they'll send me a modem but it ain't wireless. So, do I need a different modem, or just a wireless router?

ADSL or just DSL?

I think my boradband is coming in through my cable line, and hence I THINK I just need a DSL wireless router.

Is this right?

Am I best getting the 802.11n one which seems to be all singing all dancing? What is best for the PC end?

Any recommendations fromn people already with Virgin (if any)?

  woodchip 19:11 28 Nov 2007

You are better with a Wireless Modem Router, all in one these have Firewall built in. ADSL and DSL are the same. If you are going to use Cable have a look hear a cable routers click here

I you check they may have Router Modem

  woodchip 19:20 28 Nov 2007

Not had anything to do with cable but looks like you may be limited to a Router the Modem should have ethernet so you can connect both together

  mgmcc 20:43 28 Nov 2007

Virgin Media provide both ADSL broadband via the phone line and Cable broadband. These two technologies use different Routers, so you need to be certain of which type you require.

ADSL - *combined* wireless "ADSL Modem & Router".

Cable - wireless "Cable/DSL Router".

Don't be confused by the reference to DSL in a Cable/DSL router. There are technical reasons why this cannot generally be used for DSL (ADSL) in the UK, but can be used with a separate DSL Modem in other countries.

  anthonystorey 21:57 28 Nov 2007

click here
ive had this router for 6 months now with no problems its cheap and easy to connect via install disk

your cable line will come from the back of the set top box if you are having a tv package as well

have a word with virgin they should run the cable wherever you want (if you want to)

and has your pc got wireless capabilities?


  Aziraphael 11:53 29 Nov 2007

Anthony>>>>No, so I need a USB receiver/transmitter as well. I was thinking of going for a 802.11n version as technology seems to be outdated so quickly nowerdays I figure it's best to go top end so it lasts longer.

mgmcc>>>>>I have been told that I will have to connect the modem they are sending me to the same box that my tv currently comes through ( I already have virgin tv) so i figure I need the "Cable/DSL router"?

  Darth_chaffinch 12:45 29 Nov 2007

Just bought a Wii and want to use it as a home hub-type thing using the X-OOm software that's due out soon. I have a wired PC with Tiscali broadband (2MGB)- do I just need a router, or do I also need to get some type of receiver for the PC itself please?

  MAJ 12:47 29 Nov 2007

To avoid confusion, it would be better if you start your own thread.

  Aziraphael 13:10 29 Nov 2007

Yeah that had me confused....

  mgmcc 21:51 29 Nov 2007

If your broadband is to be provided from the same cable feed that you have for TV, then it will indeed be a "Cable/DSL" router that you will use.

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