Wireles router (DSL) - help!

  Laurel500 21:50 16 Nov 2005

We have NTL broadband and were told we needed a DSL router to get wireless braodband. Bought the Netgear 54 Mbps Wireless Router, connected this to our NTL set top box (downstairs) and ran the disc on our computer.

It doesn't work but we don't know if we've bought the right thing. We don't need wireless internet to any other machine, just to our one PC. Does a router do this or is it just for a wired PCT to a laptop that can be wireless?

Also do we need some sort of adapter in the PC to send a signal to the modem (which I presume is in the set top box, right?). Otherwise where does the signal come from?

Currently we are still accessing it using a cable. Any help appreciated as we are both quite limited in our IT skills. Thanks.

  Kegger 22:20 16 Nov 2005

what exactly is the model of your Netgear 54mbps wireless router, you need model which works with cable and i am quessing that you have got model which is used with ADSL. Kegger

  mgmcc 22:22 16 Nov 2005

You don't say exactly which Netgear Wireless Router you have bought, but it must be a "stand-alone" router that DOESN'T have a built-in ADSL modem.

The router's WAN port (Wide Area Network) connects by ethernet cable to the Cable Modem (Set-top box). The PC then connects to the router either with an ethernet cable to one of its LAN ports (Local Area Network) or "wirelessly". In order to connect wirelessly, the PC needs to have a "Wireless Network Adapter" installed; this can be either an internal PCI card or a USB wireless adapter.

You then need to configure the wireless settings in the router - SSID (wireless network name), channel number, encryption settings etc. The wireless adapter, when installed in the PC, should find the router's SSID and you then "connect" to the network. It probably sounds more dauntingthan it is.

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