Wireles File and Printer Sharing - Possible?

  dave_and_confused 16:44 07 May 2005

Cable Broadband
Buffalo WYR-G54 Wireless Router

PC1 - WinXP Pro SP2 connected to router via Cross Over Cable

PC2 - WinXP Home SP2 connected via Belin USB Adapter

Printer Canon S630 connected to PC1 by USB.

Is File and Printer Sharing possible across Wireless? If so can someone help me get started? Once started i'm sure i can fudge my way through...


  dave_and_confused 16:45 07 May 2005

PC1 - WinXP Pro SP2 connected to router via Cross Over Cable

of course thats a Patch Cable.....

  whybe 17:46 07 May 2005

Dave, yes both printer and file sharing should be possible across a wireless network.
For the printer first go to your PC1 and click start , printers and faxes. Right click your Canon printer icon and click sharing. You will then need to click the radio button to share this printer and give it a name. Click apply, leave PC1 and printer switched on and then go to your wireless PC2. Again go to the printers and faxes page but click add a printer. You will then get a wizard asking you what type of printer connection you want. Follow through the screens relating to networks until you identify your printer. This is usually done by double clicking on your network name eg MSHOME or WORKGROUP, then on your PC1 computers name and then finally on the printer. The wizard will tell you to complete various other procedures by either clicking Apply or OK. Once set in PC2 printers and faxes you will see a printer icon saying something like Canon S630 on Dave PC1. When you want to print from PC2 you select that printer from eg Word document File, Print and it will print across your network. Note though PC1 and the printer must be on to be able to send print instructions from PC2.
File sharing works in a similar way. First pick the file, folder or drive you want on the host computer. Right click it, then click Sharing and security. In Network Sharing and Security, tick Share this folder. Its name will appear below, if you want a different name change this. Also if you want other network computers to be able to alter a file etc tick Allow Network users to change files. Then click apply. You will now find the shared file appear in your other computers 'My Network Places' Note if the host computer of the shared file is not switched on it will not appear in the Network places file of the other computers. Sorry if this has been a bit long winded and hope it helps.

  dave_and_confused 10:38 08 May 2005

Fanstastic - that seems to be straight forward. I was trying to set it up from PC2 and didn't think to start at PC1 (the one with the printer!)

I'll give it a go later....

  dave_and_confused 17:55 10 May 2005

PC2 can't see the Printer on PC1 - suspect ZoneAlarm on PC1 is blocking it.

On both Printers and File Sharing i set up PC1 but PC2 can't see anything. When browsing for Printer or Folders I go...

My Network Places
Entire Network
Microsoft Windows Network
<My Domain> or whatever this is....

Then nothing.....

  whybe 20:28 10 May 2005

It sounds like you are nearly there. Make sure Zonealarm is not blocking network traffic. Your XP Firewall should have automatically configured for your network. With PC1 and your printer on go then to PC2. Printers and faxes, Add printer, choose a network printer, then 'Connect to this printer...' (second option down). The next window will show a box with Shared printers above it and starts with Microsoft Windows Network. If nothing else is showing double click on this. You should get the name of your workgroup below it eg MSHOME or WORKGROUP or possibly in your case 'My Domain' double click on that and you get the name of computers on your workgroup eg PC1 double click on that should give you your printer. Click on that to install. One thing that may be stopping you is if your computers are set up for different workgroups, if so they will not see or talk to each other. To check this, on each computer click start, right click My Computer, properties, on the Computer name Tab, click Change, then in Member of.. click Workgroup radio button and fill in a workgroup name. Make sure that it is the same for both PC1 and PC2 including upper and lower case click OK. You may need to reboot both machines then go through the printer set up again. They should now see each other across your network and workgroup. You hopefully will find also your shared files appearing in My Network Places.

  Dazza40 20:50 18 Jun 2006

thread added for ref. Will be trying this shortly

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