wired and wireless together?

  samlee64 10:44 31 Dec 2007

is it possible to have wired connection and wireless connection at same time. at present i have 3 computers running off 1 downstairs but we want to change 1 upstairs to wireless so my son can use his ps3 and laptop online. would appreciate any advice thanks

  dms05 11:19 31 Dec 2007

What equipment do you have? Are you using a router or are you Internet Sharing from the main computer?

  samlee64 11:46 31 Dec 2007

they all share from main computer downstairs. we are with virgin broadband and the modem is a surfboard sb4100 and we havejust bought a wireless router with 4 port switch but were not sure how to set it up. does this help any

  dms05 14:00 31 Dec 2007

Forget your previous set up. The new set up uses a Router with WiFi as an added facility. The Router connects directly to your Broadband and controls all of the Internet access. So you will need to initially set up the Router by connecting one PC to the Router by a LAN cable (did it come with a set up CD? If it did follow the instructions and enter any Virgin values that are necessary. Once your Router is up and runing you should then connect each PC by it's own LAN cable from the Router to the PC. The one exception is the WiFi connection where you should set this up from one of the wired PC's. Again follow the instructions for the Router.

  dms05 14:05 31 Dec 2007

I should also have said - connect the Router directly to the Internet and forget your previous modem.

  mark2 22:31 31 Dec 2007

I don't think you can do the above.

The sb4100 is a cable modem, as such you have no need to enter any details. These are preset/fixed by virgin

Shut down the cable modem at wall switch , connect router by ethernet cable to modem, connect pc to router via ethernet cable, power up modem, then power up router then power up pcs you should then be good to go

  conan_troutman 01:05 01 Jan 2008

if you are new to this as I think you clearly are...then this is the simple way

what mark2 says is well and good but you need some extra info.

first step power off every thing thats modem router and PC

now connect Modem to Router using the cable and the router to the PC using the other cable

modem lead goes into the router port labled as WAN

and the Lan cable from your PC can go into any other port (start with for simplicity)

power every thing on and wait the computer will do the rest.

next open the internet web browser and type in 192.168.?.1 (? will be a 0 or a 1 or a 2 dependent on router manufacture)

use the setting page that opens to configure your security for access to your wireless connection this will allow only those PC/Laptops onto your network that have the correct access key

(the encrypted password you just set)

  samlee64 13:59 01 Jan 2008

got everything all working but cant get password protected. router toolbox wont let me connect up to configure

  Jim_F 15:15 01 Jan 2008

You may need to manually set the IP address of your computer to the same subnet as the router - so if the router is at set your PC at or any different last number.

To try and clarify:
1) your ISP grants a single IP address via your modem
2) if you connect a PC to that modem and enable DHCP (Dynamic addressing) than the PC will adopt that address
3) a router will take that address for the ISP connection but then provide local addresses for your home network - usually in the 192.168 range
4) sometimes the modem and router are in the same box so it can look like you only ever see 192.168 addresses but in fact these go no further than the box on the wall they can never be routed on the internet

  Strawballs 20:16 01 Jan 2008

click here This is for cable connection

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