wired and wireless broadband - help

  Super Frankie Lamps 12:36 26 May 2005

i have wanadoo broadband and a laptop running windows xp sp2. the laptop has an internal wireless 802.11g card (plus all other external connection points that are expected) and i use a belkin wireless router with internal modem. so far it looks like i know what i am talking about, good eh?

now for the thick bit - can i set up my laptop so that i can use a wired connection when close to the phone point/router, and wireless when wandering around the house. if so, how ?

thanks for your help

  TomJerry 12:51 26 May 2005

just link your lappy with router with a Cat5 cable, lappy will use whatever connection is available to it

no special setup is needed.

just enable Lan adaptor if it was disabled

  belt&braces 13:02 26 May 2005


have a look click here, may help with setup.

Good luck

  Aspman 15:38 26 May 2005

Remember to secure your wireless access point properly or you'll have the neighbours using your BB.

  woodchip 16:10 26 May 2005

You first setup the Router with a RJ11 cable, from modem to router then a Ethernet cable to Ethernet port on Computer, Open Internet Explorer and type one of the following to get at the settings page. in Address bar type press enter if it does not bring the page up type http:// before the numbers above. You can then put your ISP Password and Connection in. That should get the Desktop going, You also need to enable Wireless in the settings. For laptop load software and the program should tell you when to install the card

  woodchip 16:11 26 May 2005

That should read RJ11 from Filter on phone line to Router and Ethernet from Router to Computer

  Super Frankie Lamps 17:44 26 May 2005

thanks everyone, i should be able to sort it all out with all that info !!

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