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  Ian in Northampton 18:36 06 Oct 2010

I started a thread on the main forum here

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and was advised to come over here (and seek out mgmcc...)

Basically: I have a wired hub on the end of a company-internal network. I want to connect my laptop to the hub wirelessly. How do I do that? Is a wireless router what I need?

  Woolwell 19:41 06 Oct 2010

You may want a wireless access point.

  Ian in Northampton 20:30 06 Oct 2010

I think you might be right Woolwell.

  Strawballs 00:49 07 Oct 2010
  Ian in Northampton 08:20 07 Oct 2010

Yep, that looks like the thing. Thanks Woolwell and Strawballs. Case closed.

  mgmcc 10:05 07 Oct 2010

Yes, a Wireless Access Point is what your require. The one in the link Strawballs has posted is a good price for a stand-alone Wireless Access Point. It is sometimes less expensive to buy a wireless Cable/DSL router, which incorporates a Wireless Access Point, than to buy a stand-alone W.A.P.

  Ian in Northampton 10:14 07 Oct 2010

Thanks mgmcc. But wouldn't a router expect to be connected to the telephone socket rather than an RJ45 cable? Or could I plug the network cable into one of the four (usually) RJ45 sockets, and the WAP would take it from there?

  mgmcc 12:24 07 Oct 2010

A "Cable/DSL Router" doesn't incorporate a Modem and its WAN port is an RJ45 ethernet connection. It cannot be connected to a telephone socket and would normally connect to an ethernet modem, but it can also connect as a "sub-router" to an existing router. Its WAN port would be connected to one of the existing router's LAN ports.

However, if you need to share Folders/Printers with computers connected to the main router, stick with the stand-alone W.A.P. to avoid having two separate subnets.

  Ian in Northampton 13:56 07 Oct 2010

Thanks mgmcc. That's very helpful.

  jfell-1620020 06:27 28 Oct 2010

Hi , ian you can use a wireless access point.

  andrekakkar 08:08 30 Oct 2010


I suggest wireless access point, the best technique to connect the laptop to the hub wirelessly.

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