Wired to wireless

  Ian in Northampton 17:01 06 Oct 2010

I have an Ethernet hub. Is it possible to plug into it a simple wireless/wifi device that, in effect, just translates the wired signal into a wireless signal? I want my laptop to talk to the network, but wiring it into the hub is impracticable.

  Woolwell 17:09 06 Oct 2010

How do you connect to the internet and do you want the laptop to connect to the internet through the wireless link?

  Ian in Northampton 17:13 06 Oct 2010

Woolwell: thanks for the quick response. I'm not 100% sure I understand your question, but let me try to clarify. I have an ageing laptop with a Belkin wi-fi card (which communicates just great with my home wi-fi router). We have a hub at work that is connected to the work network - but it is in an inconvenient place that would mean dragging an Ethernet cable across the floor between the desks. I guess I'm just looking for an easy way to 'talk' to the hub. Does that help?

  Woolwell 17:18 06 Oct 2010

That helps because I was thinking of a home environment. A router without a modem should work click here.

  Woolwell 17:22 06 Oct 2010

ps The Networking Forum will probably advise.

  Woolwell 17:24 06 Oct 2010

pps see if you can get mgmcc to respond

  Ian in Northampton 17:43 06 Oct 2010

OK, thanks Woolwell.

  Ian in Northampton 08:21 07 Oct 2010

Case closed.

  Taff™ 08:37 07 Oct 2010

In essence you just need to put a wireless router onto the system and connect to that - without knowing how the network is set up I can`t be specific but your network administrator will know.

  Taff™ 08:38 07 Oct 2010

Sorry - a wireless access point is what I meant. It doesn`t have to be a router/modem like you use at home.

  Ian in Northampton 09:21 07 Oct 2010

Thanks Taff.

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