Wired vs Wireless Networking

  dregn 06:39 25 Jun 2005

I intend to network 3 PCs at home and should like to know if there is much to choose between wired and wireless as far as speed and expense is concerned.
Any thoughts welcome.

  Taff36 06:46 25 Jun 2005

Wireless definately. No cables = no mess. Wireless Modem Router about £70 plus 3 USB wireless adapters at £25 each(Prices are approx) Job Done.

You may find that the ethernet cable route works out slightly cheaper. The modem router (I assume you want to connect to broadband on all three computers independantly) will be about the same so it`s the cost of the cabling and inconvenience against the cost of the wireless adapters.

  Taff36 06:50 25 Jun 2005
  dregn 07:19 25 Jun 2005

Thank you for that and for the link to the other thread.
I have been looking at reviews of Belkin's Pre-N wireless router and the Netgear RangeMax WPN824 and wonder if I decide to go wireless whether I should go for one of these.
My proposed setup involves 2 PCs close to one another and a third PC in an adjoining room with a brick wall between, so a wired setup would not involve a great deal of disruption.Occasionally I would use a laptop which I presume would lend itself to wireless.
Is wireless as fast as wired ?
Many thanks.

  SEASHANTY 10:03 25 Jun 2005

No wireless is not as fast as wired - and it is also less secure. I use the Linksys BEFSR41 four port with switch wired router to connect three PC's to the internet. click here
The Lan cables can be obtained from here
click here
Have had no trouble with this setup for almost three years now.

  TomJerry 10:48 25 Jun 2005

for PC next to each other, use wired, for next door one use wireless, lappy wireless

Wireless is slower than wired, but it ONLY matter when you want move large files between PCs. For sharing BB, even the slowest wifi-b is faster than BB.

It maynot be a good idea to go for pre-N because N standard is not confirmed by IEEE yet, so you may find it will not work with new equipment when N finally fixed.

  tenplus1 10:50 25 Jun 2005

Wired will always be faster, although you do have to work with lan cables and a hub...

Wireless systems are better due to no cable mess and easy setup... 3x Wireless cards or usb adaptors, set to Ad-Hoc mode and they all talk...

Personally I have 1 desktop pc with a wireless card and a laptop with a wireless pcmcia card... Ad-Hoc mode (dont need a wireless router) and sharing internet, files and printers work fine...

  Taff36 11:19 25 Jun 2005

Look at my recommendation on the other thread I linked to. The D-link modem router has 4 ethernet ports as well as wireless so you can do a combination of wireless and cable but remember that the router probably needs to be close to the master phone socket if you use it to connect to Broadband, and a power point.

  dregn 06:42 26 Jun 2005

Thank you, everyone, for your kind and helpful responses.
I have a much clearer understanding now of the issues and will probably go for a combination of wired ( for the adjacent PC ) and wireless.
As we are due to be B/B enabled on 13 July ( Could this be the last place in UK to be upgraded ??)my mind is concentrated on the hardware issues.
Many thanks.

  wjrt 16:24 26 Jun 2005
  dregn 18:26 26 Jun 2005


Thank you for that. Nice to see something positive from BT ! Looks like it is aimed at my level of 'techno-understanding'. Very useful - thanks.

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