Wired Networking - Totally Confused!

  spuds 12:32 26 Mar 2007

I want to connect 2 computers to my ISP service. using a simple 'wired' networking solution.

At present: Standard ethernet cards fitted on 2 computers (not used). Using Thomson SpeedTouch 330 (Tiscali) usb modem on 1 computer, with BB working connection.

I have available to use: Safecom ADSL 2 port combo router SAMR-4112 plus a D-Link DI-604, 4 port ethernet BB router. Plus spare numerous cables RJ11 and RJ45.

Can you please explain to me in simple form, how I can use any of the above parts, if at all possible, so that I can connect 2 computers to my BB service. My confusion is due to the D-Link not having a usb port for connecting the Thomson SpeedTouch 330.The Safecom appears to only give me a single connection for BB ( basically just replaces the Thomson SpeedTouch!).

D-Link D1-604 as 4 Ports plus 1 WAN sockets (no usb).

Safecom SAMR-4112 as 1 port 1 WAN 1 USB ports.

Any help and advice appreciated.The above router, router/modem were possibly bought in confusion and my error?.

I also notice that the cables RJ11/RJ45/BT socket will all 'click & hold' in the ports including WAN, and that is leading to further confusion for me, as some have 4 wires and others have more!.

  Highland Guy 12:56 26 Mar 2007

Hi you could just connect pc's using a RJ45 network cable from lan port on one pc to lan port on other pc.

  TonyM 15:30 26 Mar 2007

1) The simplest solution: As highland guy suggests - you don't need any of the kit you mention, all you need is an RJ45 Crossover cable to connect the 2 machines together via their ethernet cards. Broadband still comes into one machine via your Speedtouch modem, and you set that machine to allow Internet Connection Sharing (by running the Network setup wizard)....easy to setup and get working - downside is that the machine that has the incoming BB connection (ie the one conencted to the modem) has to be on for the other to access the connection.

2) 2nd Option ...using the mix of kit you have got :
Connect the SafeCom modem to the phone socket using the RJ11 cable in place of the speedtouch modem (which is no longer needed) - connect ONE of your PC's to the Safecom box using an RJ45 cable via the PC's ethernet connection. Follow the setup instructions here:

click here

Once you are happy the modem is working OK and your BB is working- disconnect your PC from it and connect the RJ45 cable from the modem into the WAN socket on the D-link router. Then connect each of your PC's to a Port on the D-Link router (numbered 1,2,3,4) using an Rj45 cable. In practical terms you are then using the SAfecom modem to access the internet connection and feed it into the D-Link box which is just a switch that then distributes the signal to your 2 machines

3) Best option - take the 2 items of kit you ahve back to where you got them and exchange them for an ADSL modem/Router that has more than one RJ45 connection port ...

Good luck

  spuds 16:31 27 Mar 2007

Think that I have a reasonable idea now.

The only thing that I am not sure about. Why is it possible design wise to be able to fit different type cables and plugs into the same ports.Fixing the wrong cable, could this cause a serious and possibly a unrepairable problem!.

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