wired network want to go part wireless

  fside 18:11 27 Nov 2004

we have two computers upstaires and a laptop down staires all working ok on a wired network shareing wannadoo broadband,
i would like the laptop downstaires to operate wirelessly
can this be done without changing the whole setup if so can somebody recommend any items needed
can the laptop be connected thru usb ?
all computers on win xp

  howard60 18:27 27 Nov 2004

you will need a wireless hub/switch/router to install into your system and a wireless card to attache to your laptop and all should then work ok.

  Kegger 18:29 27 Nov 2004

yes this can be done, yes you can get a usb wireless devise for laptop, you would need to get a base station to plug into your wired lan though. i have both hard wired and wireless connections on my local lan (hardwired rj45 going back to 16port 10/100mb switch, and wireless Buffalo 11g 54mb for laptops downstairs) all sharing 1.1mb adsl connection 7 x PC's 1 x laser 1x inkjet

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