Wired network setup

  chochi 18:37 02 Apr 2006

I have 2 PCs sitting side by side and would like both to connect to the Internet, I don't need printer or file sharing. 1st PC on XPHome SP2 and connects to the Internet by BT Broadband via BT Voyager 105 USB ADSL Modem. 2nd PC on Windows ME and previously was connected to the internet but no connection now - Xp computer was replacement for ME one.I am happy to have a wired connection as they are so close together.Is there any advantage for one over the other(wired or wireless)or is it just convenience.I have read numerous threads on this forum but afraid I am no wiser as to what I would need to be able to do this. Any sugestions gratefully received (not too technical please)

  wobblymike 19:20 02 Apr 2006

Simplest way is to replace your USB modem with a Router/modem and connect both PCs to it via ethernet cables. I use and recommend the D-Link 604+ which has 4 ethernet connections and would deliver exactly what you want.

  chochi 19:27 02 Apr 2006

Computer wih ME does not have ethernet.

  wobblymike 19:31 02 Apr 2006

Any reason you can't fit a PCI Network (Ethernet) card

  wobblymike 19:36 02 Apr 2006

Here is an example of one on e bay very inexpensive as you can see

click here

  chochi 21:47 02 Apr 2006

I'm sorry but fiddling about with the inside of a computer is not an option, I wouldn't even know how to open it up. I was hoping to be able to just connect some cables. Would it be easier to have a wireless connection - do I still need both computers to have ethernet for that.

  wobblymike 22:12 02 Apr 2006

Well no you don't but it would be the logical thing to do for what you want. I assure you fitting a NIC card is ridiculously easy I would be happy to talk you through it if that would help. Your wireless option would still require you to plug in a card or use a USB dongle - I strongly recommend the ethernet route - as stated, happy to help.

  Strawballs 22:14 02 Apr 2006

click here this would solve your problem

  wobblymike 22:17 02 Apr 2006

chochi Strawballs -

Strawballs suggestion above would work but its speed would be dependant on whether your USB connection was USB 1 or USB 2 - I still recommend the normal ethernet route.

  chochi 22:27 02 Apr 2006

I liked the idea of the adapter- seemed easier.Connection on computer connected to internet is USB2. Other computer is USB1. Would the USB2 speed be affected by this or only the USB1.

  Strawballs 01:00 03 Apr 2006

Just like wobblymike I would recomend taking off the side and installing network card which you can get for under a tenner and are very easy to intall, the USB1 would not affect the internet connection speed of the USB2 but it would affect the file transfer speed between the 2.

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