Wired Internet connection on laptop not working

  tabs23 17:30 22 Apr 2009

I have a dell laptop, which has stopped connecting to the internet. I have changed the wires and the modem but can't get a wired connection. I get an internet connection using the same wires and modem on a playstation 3. Why has the laptop suddenly stopped connecting to the internet.

  Pineman100 18:44 22 Apr 2009

I think it would help people to advise you if you try to clarify your setup.

If I understand correctly, you have a Dell laptop connected via an ethernet cable to your modem, and the modem connected to your phone socket. Is that right?

If so, it would be helpful to know what model of modem you have and who your ISP is.

  dan11 18:47 22 Apr 2009

"I have a dell laptop, which has stopped connecting to the internet."

try a system restore to the time it did work.

  tabs23 13:54 24 Apr 2009

Yes, the laptop is connected via an ethernet cable to my modem but the modem is connected to a virgin box (not the telephone socket).

The modem is also provided by virgin media (i don't know how to tell what model the modem is).

  Pineman100 18:49 24 Apr 2009

I'm not familiar with Virgin cable modems, but maybe something on this page might help you: click here

  ambra4 19:05 24 Apr 2009

Power off the Cable Modem and the Computer,

Wait 10 minutes

Power on the cable modem, once it has rebooted and gone fully online all indicator lights settled down,

Power on the computer and wait until it is fully rebooted

See if you now have access the Internet

  ambra4 19:12 24 Apr 2009

Check that the Lan card is Enable from inside the Network Connection Area

Start-Setting-Network Connection-Right click - Local Area Connection-Enable or Disable as


Some times you have to Disable and Enable the Lan card before the card will connect to the

Router system

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