Wired Ethernet Conection not conecting

  Syoris 13:45 05 Dec 2010

I brought a new PC a few days ago running windows 7. I decided to connect it to my old PC which runs windows XP sp3 via a crossover ethernet cable.

The trouble I'm having is that I get an "Unidentified Network" on the windows 7 pc and nothing I've read on the net and tried as worked.

I'm a total noob at networking and from what I've read it should have worked by just connecting the cable.

Any help will be most welcome :)

  gengiscant 14:21 05 Dec 2010

" what I've read it should have worked by just connecting the cable"

Try this:
After connecting the 2 computers, go to network connections in Control Panel, in Local Area Connection Properties, double click Internet Protocol Version 4, change to Use the following IP address, setup IP as (second computer is, Subnet mask is (both), default gateway is (both),

  Syoris 15:13 05 Dec 2010

Thanks for the reply geng,

Tried what you said but it's still showing "Unidentified Network" on the W7 pc, although it seems that data has been sent and recieved at both ends.

Also when I've type in the Default Gateway on the neww PC and click ok and then gone back to check, it's been deleted, the rest of the IP info is ok tho, just the Default Gateway.

  gengiscant 15:52 05 Dec 2010

Try this,connect the PC's then in the Windows 7 PC go start-type CMD-right click CMD and run as administrator- then type ipconfig /all and take a note of the numbers, in particular the default gateway- then try those numbers in my first suggestion.Post back.

  woodchip 15:55 05 Dec 2010

What do you want to connect to? other Computer or the Web

  gengiscant 16:05 05 Dec 2010

I think he is try to connect his new Win 7 to his old XP pc.

  Syoris 16:44 05 Dec 2010

Tried what you said geng but was still showing "Unidentified Network".

So I tried setting the default gateway of both PC's to that of the XP PC. It gave me a second Connection on the new PC which seems to have connected.

Now I have a 'Network' connection: but neither is showing up on either PC

And I still have the 'Unidentified Network' one which I cant do anything with. weird o.O

@Woodchip: As geng said, using a direct link with a crossover ethernet cable :)

  ashleycardwell94 17:18 05 Dec 2010

make sure both are on the same workgroup and both have file sharing enabled.

  gengiscant 17:30 05 Dec 2010

A bit more here click here
click here

  Syoris 18:54 05 Dec 2010

Bit of an update...

I followed the advice from the second link geng posted about setting up the ports. The ping tests worked on both machines.

The connection on the Win7 PC is still saying 'Unidentified Network' and cannot be changed

The XP PC is now showing up on the network on the Win7 PC but not the other way around. Could the problem now be down to security settings on both PC's?

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