To wire or not to wire

  fazza8 10:16 12 Mar 2008

I am on Virgin Media fastest broadband (supposed to be 20Mb) and I have three computers in my house, all PCs. I live in a 60s red brick quite large 4 bedroom house. My computer is in the study on the first floor at the back, my son's in the room opposite at the front and my daughter's at the front acroos the landing. The broadband connection is in the lounge and also a Linksys BEFR. I bought homeplugs but they have not been a great success since my son complains that when he is on online games the connection is frequently lost. My computer does a lot of downloading and I I have had speeds of 1.2G although somewhere between 100 and 150 is more normal.
Here is my question? Should I wire my house with Cat5 cable or should I go back to wireless? I was looking at the Belkin N1 Vision.

Has anyone any views on this? The wiring would cost a bit but would it be worth it?

  €dstowe 13:13 12 Mar 2008

I've found the Netgear Home plug system infinitely more reliable than wireless (on BT 8Mb). If you can't get a through-the-mains setup to work, I'm doubtful a wireless system would be any good either.

  woodchip 13:22 12 Mar 2008

Wireless Halves your download speed

  fazza8 17:01 12 Mar 2008

Thanks for your help

  interzone55 17:18 12 Mar 2008

Wireless doesn't halve the download speed, as at 54mbs it is faster than the BB connection.

It is half the bandwidth of a 100mbs ethernet link though if that's what you mean.

  woodchip 17:25 12 Mar 2008

It halves my Download Speed,

  DieSse 22:32 12 Mar 2008

"It halves my Download Speed"

What should you get - and what do you get, on wired versus wireless.

It's probably simply down to errors due to bad hardware or a low signel.

  woodchip 22:43 12 Mar 2008

On Ethernet I have had up to nearly 7mbps download but doing the Laptop Wireless it is bellow half of that speed

Only difference being the Desktop on Ethernet is running 98se, Laptop XP home

PS it’s the same on wireless using a USB dongle or built in Wi-Fi card aslo PCMCIA card just the same

Laptop is a Faster CPU

  Electronic_Eric 00:19 13 Mar 2008

I think Internet connections through the USB port are slow.
I haven't found my wireless connection is any slower than my wired connection.

I would only go wireless if the machines are at the opposite side of the house. CAT 5 might be good but you still have attenuation in the line. Which equals to a slower connection. I believe you can buy a 270mb/s routers for about £100 now. Surely they should provide a good enough coverage for your house, so to me it would sound like a good investment.

I doubt you will get a 20mb connection. ISP's don't say the whole truth. You might get 20mb if your next to the exchange and not many users are here

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