Wiped Hard drive + tried to install XPbut not work

  jknoxville 19:24 15 Dec 2007

Hi, my PC was completely messed up and i think it was just software and files related and not hardware. So i backed up all my stuff, formatted HDD and started installing XP from the official disc, It formatted the hard drive OK, and went on to copy files to install XP, but after a while of copying files it came up with "could not copy xxxx" and it asked me if i wanted to retry or skip, so i tried retry, and again but it kept coming up, then a blue screen with white writing came up about "is this the first time your computer has done this if so restart the computer" etc. so i restarted and now when loading up it says could not find file xxxx and i have to restart it. I dont know what to do? is it a hard drive prob or RAM or something? please help. thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:31 15 Dec 2007

No its a XP disk or drive reading problem.

Clean the disk thoroughly
and run a lens cleaner through your CD / DVD drive.

Sometimes copying the i386 folder from the CD to the harddrive and then running setup from the folder on the hard drive overcomes this problem.

  MAJ 19:32 15 Dec 2007

Could be either, both or something else, jknoxville a stop error can be caused by anything really. But in your case, when there's nothing else software related installed, it's probably a hardware problem. Go back to a skeleton system, one memory module, hard drive and graphics card and try a bit of trial and error to see if you can spot the faulty component. Graphics card, memory or hard drive would be the favourites.

  jknoxville 19:37 15 Dec 2007

Ok thanks i dont know much about this so do i use that skeleton system? and only have one RAM in at a time? but how do i know if its the hard drive or the graphics card

  MAJ 19:42 15 Dec 2007

Trial and error, jknoxville, try a different graphics card in there after you verify that it isn't the memory causing the problem, then a different hard drive.

  jknoxville 19:47 15 Dec 2007

Oh OK that makes sense, i have 2 RAMs but unfortunatly i dont have any other graphics cards or hard drives, can i do it without a graphics card as it is only in DOS? just wondering. Thanks for the replies

  MAJ 19:59 15 Dec 2007

If you mean it's a built-in graphics chip, jknoxville, then it's unlikely to be the graphics that causing it. Fruit Bat /\0/\ is correct too, it could just be a read problem, it was the decrition of the stop error that made me jump at a hardware problem, so don't forget to try his suggestion.

  jknoxville 20:56 15 Dec 2007

Hey guys thanks so much i took one of the RAMs out and now it is currently instaling windows properly, not finished yet but i think its working now. Thanks so much for the help MAJ and FRUIT BAT.

  woodchip 21:16 15 Dec 2007

Looks like you have wiped the Restore Setup on the Hard Drive

  woodchip 21:18 15 Dec 2007

My mistake, did not see bottom post

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