OCTCORE 09:40 05 Apr 2010

Hello there,

I seem to have wiped my c drive in windows 7.
I was using a cheap fat32 format program to format an external usb drive, but seem to have got the drives mixed up, now my c drive has only a few files on it and the recovery partion has gone. To be honest I was getting to end of my free RC win 7 and I dont keep any data on c drives so the loss is minimal, I am still baffled how a modern OS allows itself to be wiped. I plugged the drive into another pc and all that is left is a few boot files and a temp folder. Back in the day you would get a warning 'drive in use or something' I'll have to ghost back xp for now.

Is this normal ?


  Pine Man 11:25 05 Apr 2010

...you were using a 'cheap fat32 format program' that didn't have the built in safeguards or you failed to notice the warnings given.

  Zeppelyn 12:23 05 Apr 2010

What was the program inviolved? Id guess even a 'cheap fat32 format program' wouldnt wipe your system partition while in use, probably gave a "Reboot to Proceed" message unless you did it from a bootable disk outside of Windows.

  pjwheeldon 12:47 05 Apr 2010

From what you say it sounds like you had the PC set up as a dual boot, with W7 on just one drive. Were you backing up/formatting from the other OS? If so, you can format a drive with an OS on it just as easily as a data drive.

  OCTCORE 14:53 05 Apr 2010

I have orderd WIN 7 premium upgrade £67 (currys)
job done. I will have to be more carefull next time and I will dump that program. When you prepare a USB hard disk as an install device for a netbook they like fat32, but computer managment seems only to offer NTSF or xfat. I was using diskpart for most of the prep but diskpart did not like formatting an 80 gig drive it fell over 3 times at 87% ? Hence using el cheapo fat32 formater. Never mind I have my mac as backup! Thanks all.

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