Wipe Hard Drive

  Ade_1 17:08 17 Oct 2005

Hi, i i wanting to wipe my old computers hard drive. It is running on WINXP and i had installed SP2 on it. Can anyone explain to me thanks.

I know i previously posted but i was a bit confsued with it because i didnt think it had been explained properly so a fresh explanation might help thanks.

  Ade_1 17:26 17 Oct 2005

any help would be greatly appriciated

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:32 17 Oct 2005

Boot from XP CD into set up and format the disk this wiil be sufficent to stop the average person (not woking for MI5 or forensics) from obtaining any data from the drive.

  splork 17:34 17 Oct 2005

Do you mean wipe it so it's completely empty with no means of recovering old files, or just ordinary formatting?

  Ade_1 17:34 17 Oct 2005

so that there are no files apart form the default ones

  pauldonovan 17:37 17 Oct 2005

..to wipe it *securely* so there's no chance of any data being recovered you'd need to use a utility. Search for DBAN (Derek's Boot And Nuke, I believe!) which will do this. Basically if you just format it someone can in theory get the data back.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:54 17 Oct 2005

so that there are no files apart form the default ones

Not sure what you mean by the default ones

  mattyc_92 17:57 17 Oct 2005

Ade_1 could mean just Windows or just the "files" that stay on a drive so that it can be used (which not many people know about including me until a few weeks ago)

  Ade_1 17:57 17 Oct 2005

Thanks, ill take a look at it

  Ade_1 17:59 17 Oct 2005

what i ment by the default ones was the ones that come when you intall windows or when you first buy a computer - all i wanted is to get rid of everything and just install windows xp as a complete fresh start as if the comptuter was new.

  Ade_1 18:02 17 Oct 2005

i dotn seem to be able to find DBAN though :( ill continue searching

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