wipe clean and start again

  jarani 17:00 24 Jul 2006

hi - my computer is dead slow - i mean dead slow - where can i get best detailed advice on how to wipe clean and start again - win98 2nd edition - have disk but not much experience - please - jarani

  VoG II 17:04 24 Jul 2006
  Diemmess 17:29 24 Jul 2006

If you are certain that this is the only way to go and you are not throwing baby out with the bathwater.

Do collect all the required information before you start doing anything to the present 98SE. Put all your work files (data) and favourite things on a CDR or another HD if you have one.

Timing depends on your hardware, but it will take say 1/2 hr to prepare the new installation, and better still, less than 3/4 of an hour more to install a lovely fresh copy of Win98SE.

After that it needs patience and several hours to reload all the drivers, applications and favourite tweaks which 98SE will accept but are not part of that windows system in its basic form.
Good luck.

  Gongoozler 17:48 24 Jul 2006

Before you start make sure you have ALL the correct drivers. Once the hard drive is wiped it can be tricky identifying what some of the cards are - especially the modem.

  bluto1 19:50 24 Jul 2006

Are you absolutely sure you want to clean everything off and start again?
I cannot remember if you can do a disc clean on W98SE but if you can then do it. You`ve probably got umpteen megabytes of temporary files and cookies. These will slow you to a near stop. Get rid of them and then suffer the job of a defrag. I`ve been there and I know how long it takes. Do it. When you`ve done all that come back and tell me your CPU, RAM and HDD. HDD isnt as important as knowing your motherboard but it helps. Good luck

  Gongoozler 20:26 24 Jul 2006

As bluto1 says, a general cleanup might do what you want, and is always worth a try. Presumably you have already looked for viruses. If not, either do an online scan click here, or download and install Avast click here or AVG click here. Both are excellent and free.

Scan for adware with AdAware click here

Clean out all the accumulated rubbish of temporary files and similar junk with Ccleaner click here

Make your defrag many times faster with Deskeeper Lite click here

If your computer is still slow, have a look at how much free disk space you have. I always found that Windows 98 slowed down considerably if there was less than 25% free disk space.

Another thing to check is how many processes are loading at startup. Click Start - Run, type in msconfig, then click OK to get the System Configuration box. Click on the Startup tab and see what programs are listed there. Post the list here if you like, and we'll suggest the ones you can untick to disable at startup.

  woodchip 20:52 24 Jul 2006

It's as easy as falling off a log. If you cannot find your way from the above give me a call. It is my favourite OS

  woodchip 21:06 24 Jul 2006

As above you need all the Disc's with drivers also 98se CD and product key, before you start and you need to backup all you files photos e-mail etc

  jarani 22:20 24 Jul 2006

many thanks for all your most helpfull comments and advice - i have spent the last 6 hours trying to print out VoG's first link advice of only some 30 pages - i would not enter my computer in a snail race -

i have tried everything so far - c/cleaner, boot out all the temporary files, checked out disk errors etc - the only thing that the computer will not do is to defragment the disks - it says that windows keep popping in and the defrag has to start again - 3% dropping 0% completion after 3 hours of defrag - going mad at present - going on holiday tomorrow - will start again on my return - kind regards - jarani

  lotvic 01:14 25 Jul 2006

you did turn off your screensaver....didn't you?
and anything else that runs.

  Gongoozler 08:29 25 Jul 2006

jarani, download Diskeeper Lite as in my link, then defrag will probably not take more than 20 minutes. The only downside of Diskeeper Lite is that it will keep prompting you to buy the full version. The other alternative is to defrag in Safe Mode, but even that isn't as fast as D.L.

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