wipe 2k and install 98??????

  g40 22:21 02 Jul 2004

All i want is to wipe win 2000 pro off a laptop and put on 98, no floppy drive for an f disk thingy i've read about, any advice gratefully accepted,

  Rtus 22:29 02 Jul 2004

this can be horribly frustrating to achieve..you would have to ensure you have the various driver to enable all other devices reuired by the laptop. presumably it came with w2k installed & your system has a recovery disc supplied at time of purchase.why do you want to be rid of 2k?

  g40 09:30 03 Jul 2004

The laptop had xp on it originally, before i got it the owner had a crash (hard drive failed)and wiped xp off so he put on 2000, there are no disks at all and i thought a clean start would replace all the drivers such as graphics that are missing and all ow me to gain net access through the network card installed to update everything.

  jbaker65 11:12 03 Jul 2004

If you can get a friend to copy or download a win 98 startup disc onto a cd, you can use this to start up your laptop. I am assuming you have a win 98 installation cd.

  g40 12:09 03 Jul 2004

will try that later today

  g40 14:55 06 Jul 2004

i just put in 98 and install right?! Then it wipes win2k off??

  billgates 15:46 06 Jul 2004

You have enter setup when the PC powers up - usually a function key or del - change the setup to boot from CD-ROM. Insert your W98 disk and restart. You will have to format your hard disk and then install W98. Do you really want to do this. You could acquire a W2K disk on ebay. It really is more stable than W98.

  TomJerry 16:11 06 Jul 2004

Follow his suggestion. The setup he refer to is "bios", the thing you need to change is boot up properity (or sequencce), make CD first.

You do not have mouse function in bios. To move around, you need to use arrow key or "Tab" key or "Space" key, just try to find out.

I agrees with billgates. Windows 2K is THE best MS os so far. Far better than XP in my personal taste.

By the way, you may not be able to get all drivers from net. For desktop, you normally can, but not for laptop. You may need to get drivers from manufacturer directly. I have had the similar experience. So better ask the person sold you the laptop all original disks and documentations.

If you do not have all drivers, XP is better because it has more compitable drivers than any other OSs.

  g40 19:38 06 Jul 2004

Thanks alot for the good advice guys, have done this and installed 98, i have noted the preference for win 2k and will change it in a few months now i know what to do and see what i think, i only had a legit 98 so used that in the meantime, hope i can return the favour one day as always,

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