winzip password ????

  anniecat 23:55 16 Apr 2006

After running the windows installer clean up I still haven't sorted the error 1635, here..
click here ,
because It won't let me reinstall office XP, I get the "can't open patch" thing. All the pop up and hanging issues are solved but I don't have any word processing type applications now, other than maybe page plus 10. I still get that stupid patch message if I click on any office or the word icon and I can't attempt to reinstall word cos I've lost my product key, which doesn't show up on belarc, I guess because word got incorporated into the newer installed office programme.
I did find a back up registry from before this problem started but winzip is asking me for a password that I don't ever recall giving. I'm using the evaluation version 9 and have never been asked for a password before. I'm sure I've read somewhere that winzip only thinks it needs a password, or is there a password that winzip installs by default, if so can someone help please before I throw this damn thing through the window.

  remind 00:08 17 Apr 2006

If you have lots of time, here's a free zip password recovery tool click here
Otherwise, try OpenOffice 2 - save and load in Word/Excel format until you find your original office CD click here

  remind 00:09 17 Apr 2006

Also it depends what program created the registry backup, there may be a shortcut

  terryf 00:13 17 Apr 2006

try un-installing winzip and re-install after running regedit to remove traces of winzip, set a restore point first.

  remind 00:15 17 Apr 2006

If i misunderstood and you being asked for a password to run winzip itself there are plenty of free alternatives; click here
IZarc or 7zip recommended

  anniecat 00:18 17 Apr 2006

I've got my office XP pro disc and the product key for it, but it won't install from add remove or run option, it says something is corrupted can't recall exactly. Word is an old, seperate disc I had before office, that does load automatically but I've lost the key so have to abandon the job.

  remind 00:23 17 Apr 2006

if you can try it and post the actual error message maybe more light can be shed on the subject

  anniecat 00:28 17 Apr 2006

I don't know how the registry back up was created I run registry fix which does auto back up it's probably that. I think I ought to abandon office altogether but would need to have help getting rid of the stuff that's still hanging around on the pc, word still loads the window but I get error message , not installed and there's no sign of the programme on add remove or start prog list I only have a desk top icon now.. which works as stated above.

  remind 00:34 17 Apr 2006

sounds a bit of a mess. Open Office is a very good replacement, worth a try

  anniecat 01:32 17 Apr 2006

I think I might get the open office and give it a go... is there a safe way of getting rid of all the ms office stuff, there are dozens and dozens of folders and sub folders on the c drive programmes folder.
I'm wary of just deleting stuff in case it buggers something else up, although everything seems to be working ok since I did the windows installer clean up, it seems to have left all the office stuff in the files but disabled it all.

  anniecat 01:37 17 Apr 2006

when I've recovered myself from this mess I might reinsatall XP and start from scratch.. can you recommend any of those memory sticks so I can rescue all my photo's and documents.

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