WinZip 10 - Not a free upgrade

  dave_and_confused 08:12 01 Sep 2005

WinZip 10 Beta is out but under the license it states:

Caution, WinZip 10.0, when it is released, will not be a free upgrade. If you are a registered user of a previous version of WinZip and install WinZip 10.0, you will no longer be registered.

So what happened to the "upgrade for life" license i bought many moons ago?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:18 01 Sep 2005

That's a pity - but having used it since v.6 when I bought it, I suppose I have had my $30 worth.

  Andsome 08:31 01 Sep 2005

I have never had any problem with the zip program which comes as part of XP, and see no point in paying for another one. On the other hand I cannot get on with Windows CD writing program, and have been more than happy to pay for Nero.

  VoG II 08:42 01 Sep 2005

I think I'll stick with version 9 then.

  dave_and_confused 08:45 01 Sep 2005

..and await their reply.

I suspect it has something to do with it being bought by another company - Vector Capital - click here

"Vector has bought the firm for an undisclosed amount.

But few people bother to pay for the software once the free evaluation period is over. Users should pay $29 for a single user license. WinZip's new owners are likely to improve the firm's ability to make money out of its software"

  Diodorus Siculus 09:16 01 Sep 2005

[quote]few people bother to pay for the software once the free evaluation period is over[/quote]

That, I believe, is the crux of the matter - other than a nag screen, there was nothing to entice people to pay.

I expect that version 10 will also be time limited.

There are some free alterntives but I will stick with v.9 I expect - it has served me well for many years.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:17 01 Sep 2005

Oh, and I will be interested to hear what reply you get, dave_and_confused,

  dave_and_confused 09:57 01 Sep 2005

Will post reply when i get one.

  dave_and_confused 16:37 01 Sep 2005

"Licensed users of WinZip software may upgrade to 9.0 SR-1 at no charge.
This license for 9.0 SR-1 is a perpetual license without further fees.
However, future upgrades will not be available free of charge.

Your WinZip software single user license included a guaranteed 6-month
free upgrade period. However WinZip Computing did continue to provide
free upgrades after customer's free upgrade periods expired through this
last version, 9.0 SR-1, but this was never guaranteed.

Unfortunately, due to development and other costs, we can no longer provide
upgrades free of charge."

Hmm.. i was sure you got upgrades for life.

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:57 01 Sep 2005


Your license to use the beta software will terminate the sooner of: (a) at the end of the 45 day evaluation period; or (b) at a date predetermined by WinZip Computing which date may be prior to the end of the 45 day evaluation period. Notwithstanding the above, WinZip Computing may immediately terminate this license upon written notice to you at any time and without liability of any kind."

  Mr Mistoffelees 16:59 01 Sep 2005

It does not say if the program will cease functioning after 45 days or continue to be usable as with version 9.

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