WinXP using PIO Mode

  akzah 19:08 09 Apr 2003


I have a Sony DVD-ROM and a LITE One CD-RW. Even though though the liteone was slower spec than the DVD-ROM I always got better speeds on readings CDs, and the DVD-Rom took much longer.

I supspected that the IDE cable was loose but checked that and still the same problem. I checked the BIOS and the Liteone and Sony had both the same settings. Confused I checked the settings in windows and it told me that the DVD was using PIO and CD-RW was using UDMA mode.

I changed it from PIO to DMA though and restarted though it stills says it is PIO.

Is it that my DVD Drive does not support UDMA or DMA or does windows have a fault ??

here a product specs click here

Thanks for any help in advance

  flecc 20:50 09 Apr 2003

DVD ROM drives can sometimes be slower than CD ROM drives reading CDs.

It's not unusual for ROM drives to refuse to run with DMA, and PIO mode is not the huge disadvantage with ROM drives that it is with hard drives which can run very much faster.

PIO mode 4 is in fact the same as DMA mode 1, 16 mbps, a fair speed for a ROM drive.

  akzah 21:40 09 Apr 2003

Though the DVD is 48x Speed and the CD-RW is 32x Speed and difference is a minute when installing Cricket 2002. which is a 400 mb file.

So there must be something wrong.

  akzah 22:43 09 Apr 2003

I checked the startup BIOS page, which states that the Hard Drive is UDMA 5 and the DVD and CD-RW are UDMA 2.

So that means windows is playing up.

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